Airport that is the fortress hub of American Airlines (AA). AA headquarters is just south of the mega-airport.

Airport where one can ride the TrAAm between the American terminals.

Roughly midway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Built largely to replace Dallas Love Field for most interstate and all international flights.
"American 'owns' DFW."

"If you are flying to Dallas, you need to travel on AA, the best U.S. carrier and one of the few not in bankruptcy."
by AAer @ IAD November 11, 2004
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Down For Whatever ... as in... I totally want to hang with you and I am interested in doing anything cool. Emphasis on being psyched to chill and hang out.
I am dfw this weekend bro.
by Marina B August 02, 2007
A airport larger than New York's Manhattan Island located in the middle of the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex mess.

Also shorthand for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
You have to stop over at DFW on your way to Los Angeles.
I live in the DFW area.
by Unknown October 07, 2004
Shorthand for David Foster Wallace, one of the most intelligent writers who ever lived. Most famous for his novel 'Infinite Jest', which requires a min. IQ of 131 to decipher.
Andy- Have you read Infinite Jest by DFW?

Paul- Pfff, that book is boring and pointless!

Andy- You didn't understand it either?
by GetItRightt August 29, 2009
Short for David Foster Wallace,the definitive writer of our generation.
He wrote variuos essays,short novels, and two proper books:"The Broom Of The System" and The awesome "Infinite Jest".
He hung up himself last September.
He will be missed.
D.F.W. is a genious!
by holybuble February 28, 2009
Short term for "Down for Whatever"
friend - Hey man what are you saying tonight?
me- DFW!
friend - sick lets get drunk!
by JackoLee April 21, 2008
Doesn't Fucking Work
The product is DFW this morning after Stuart put his changes into the codebase last night.
by Scuddog999 June 26, 2014
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