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Yeah, I am about to head to tha DFDub, you down?

Yeah, I'm dfdub!
by clownpenis April 26, 2006
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Down for Whatever, also an abbreviation for Dallas Ft. Worth, a.k.a DFW.
Guy1: Yall want to hit up dfdubs tonight?
Guy2: Hell yeah man, i'm dfdubs!
by TbreezyK October 17, 2011
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"Down For Whatever" (acronym)

1) to be open to suggestions; up for anything; especially in a sexual context.

2) to allude that a person has just engaged in, or is about to engage in, a spontaneous, uninhibited sexual act.

3) to recognize and assent to intoxicated behavior, as an expression of camaraderie and affiliation.
"I'm totally DF Dubs."
"She is Dubs!"
by BoynDCity January 30, 2010
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Otherwise known as DFW with a southern style way of pronouncing the W. The Abreviation stands for the term down for watever
Guy 1: Hey man should we go get stoned and get some pussy, or should we go to a stripclub?

Guy 2: I'm DFDub
by Weiner355 August 27, 2006
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