DFA stands for "Down for Anal"
dude 1: "dude i heard that girl is a prude"
dude 2: "Naw, actually she's DFA"
by denfushi November 11, 2007
Death From Above.
by Youfool June 20, 2009
Don't Fuck Around
a short lived but well preserved 'Gang'

'DFA' often calls the recipient to rethink their previous actions, suggesting their attempt to mock someone may have gone 'too far'
1 'that guys in DFA'

2 Skippy: ''That's so dire"

Other: "DFA Skippy, DFA"
by ParlezVous November 16, 2009
wordJK2 term. Acronym for "Death from Above." Used to describe both the red- and yellow-saber-style special moves, both of which involve hitting an opponent from above.
Don't whore yellow DFA, you n00b.
by Typhon August 10, 2003
means dirty fucking asshole
hey look at that hobo he's a dfa
by dlooc April 02, 2008
Don't Fuck Around
(local utah crew)
"Yo DFA has the straight dope ass pieces."
by Lone DFA local S.L.C January 24, 2004
Depressed Fat Ass, one who is depressed and "thinks" they are fat
I am eating chocolate ice cream because I am a DFA
by bubu September 18, 2004

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