Deebin's way of saying, "There you go!"
- when deebins favorite song goes on: Dey Go!
- when deebin sees someone do something cool: Dey Go!
- when deebin txts: Dey Go0o0o0!
- Deebin: Dey Gooo!
- when deebin and his friend(s) make something awesome: Dey go shirrr!
by Rabt85 September 21, 2012
Top Definition
Hardened, clinging pieces of shit that hang from one's ass hair
Wherever you go, deygo.
by dwide January 26, 2009
Wherever we go Deygo
Those Deygos Followed us To the Mall
Lets Ditch those Deygos Mayne
by Leland Sofiak April 10, 2008
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