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wet, moist, especially in reference to the female crotch
I slid my hand down there and she was already dewy.
by dirtydirtyC September 07, 2004
1. A word to use when describing something that is beyond anything that can be described with words.

2. Describing the way you act/dress/talk/etc. that is particular to you and how you pull it off.
Guy 1: I fucked 58 bitches last night!!!!
Guy 2: Thats dewy

Guy 1: Hey check out what Johnny's wearing
Guy 2: Damn, he's dewy.
by Infinity Kids July 01, 2011
A word used in place of 'good' or 'nice'

Can be used in place of dope also.

Dewy is a very swag word so use with responsibility.
Bluu: Ey, I fuck my girlfriend!

Me: Dewy to the max!


D1: Yo, I made D3!!!111!!!1

Me: That's dewy!
by EddyMeow June 12, 2011
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