A kind of Marijuana or weed.
Ex 1: Yo man you got that "dew"?!

Ex 2: Holy shit this is some good "dew"!
by conway k April 30, 2009
1. The cool stuff that comes out of the penis.

2. The compound liquid found in strip clubs and nude magazines.
1. "Hey look at that dew on Dude Nasty's face! I wonder what he was doin` last night."
2. "I bought these pants from a second hand store and they already had dew marks on them!"
by Dantina August 11, 2006
Air Conditioning; AC.
"Man, its hot as Hades up in here. Somebody turn on that dew!"

"Yo dawg, I was sweatin' like a hog in that raggedy ride of yours. You need to get that dew fixed! Quick!"
by g-tight November 29, 2004
When we fuck.. thas tha time u sipp on sum dew...
by Doogie Howza August 28, 2003
At night when all the world is sleeping, fairies and pizies come out to play (seethumbalina); they can't use toilets.. because I mean, who has out door toilets small enough for a fairie to use?.. anyways, they miniture peterpan lovers take a leak on your lawn. Then you go outside and walk on it, you sick fuck!
Aw dude! Look at me spell my name in the grass with my dew!
by BruisesOnHerEgo June 01, 2005
Usually use with the word "wat da dew dawg" meaning wasup
black guy:"wat da dew dawg"

ANother black guy:"nuthin much homie"
by Pe2ter October 31, 2006
DEW stands for Diverse Eastern Warriors. DEW (pronounced "doo") is a gang made up of blacks, hispanics, native americans, and russians from Newark, New Jersey. DEW originatedin a high school, but now prodominently rules the streets of NJ.
Yo, we better run, DEW is chasing us - and they are carrying guns!

by Valeviktorio December 17, 2006

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