Deviantart is a website created some time ago. It is a fun place, the forum is a lot of fun and never bores you,but it seems to have a bad case of weaboos and emos. Anime fanart engulfs this place, and so do emos. Furries are here, a lot of them, but they are cool. I don't get them, but they are not sooo....imposing. There's alot of inappropriate things, but hey, this is the internet we are talking about. Now, not all fanart is bad, there is some that is quite clever and skillful. Sometimes people need to geek out, and they nail it. But if you still don't like fanart, don't worry, because you should be able to find good original art here. It's just that anime fans are practically a cult. If you post anime fanart you will get alot of attention. But original fanart? Disgusting to weaboos! I prefer the video game fanart. It's clever. The original art is always winning(figuratively, keep in mind) It's a funny place too. But DIG!
by beautifulandugly October 06, 2011
Is the best traditional/digital art community in the world. We own the world actually.
Tim ordered Lucy to log onto deviantart before Jark kicked her ass.
by osiris679 March 19, 2003
Deviant art, is the website where furries, and other types of asspies feel free to draw pictures of naruto, and sonic the hedgehog. Unfortunately, the deviant art website IS home to "hardcore" furries.

Regardless, it is still a furries paradise and a cesspool of bad drawings.
The furries went on deviant art yesterday, and fapped.
by Jeremy Orkin February 26, 2010
1. An archival website you can use to host your drawings, sketches, art, and fanart, sometimes writings and get feedback and other forms of communication that you might not get otherwise

2. Gets some poor reviews by people who think saying that people don't want to look at fanart will make it true.
1. the comments and criticism I get at Deviantart could help me become a better artist

2. hater: why would you look at fanart from a show you enjoy, when you could enjoy an all black canvas at an art museum?
Fanart viewer: go ahead and do that...loser
by Indyblue March 16, 2006
A website that is home to many artists, and a good way to show off your artwork to the rest of the world. Although sometimes, it's not as much "Artwork" as it is "Photos of naked people cutting their wrists" A good site nonetheless.
Person 1:Hey, did you see Darthpickle's deviantART account?

Person 2:Yeah, that guy's awesome!
by darthpickle June 10, 2007
Deviantart is a website where so called "artists" submit their work. It's a good way for emo/anime lovers to make "friends". There is some good artwork on there, but why waste your time making artwork for some crappy site? It's not like you're going to get recognized by some famous artist or something, just by some teenagers who think they know good artwork(which they don't) and write "brilliant!" for every drawing of Naruto they see. If these "artists" were smart, then they'd go to an actual place instead of Deviantart. Also, I feel bad for those models who have to get naked, just because some horny "fashion photographer" couldn't get a real job for an agency and hired a bimbo for free.
Girl: Omigod. This drawing of Johnny Depp took me 100,000 hours to make and color, but I've finally finished. Now I can submit to some retarded website that no one cares about.
Commenter: Brilliant!(stupid comment) But, the pupil of his left eye is a bit too small.
Girl: AW SHIT!

Boy: Yeesss, my anime flash of Naruto and his girlfriend is complete! And it only took me 2 days with no sleep!
Commenter: The bet artwork I've ever seen! (not) Brilliant!

Model: Heeeyy! I'm here for my Vogue photoshoot.
So-called "fashion photographer": Okay, now get naked.
Model: Hey! Why are you the only one here? Isn't this for Vogue!
SCFD: No bimbo! This is for! Now take off your clothes!
Model: For what?!
by Hhihopjsojdos January 03, 2009
A website that steals the souls of any atist who joins it.
Deviant art is pure evil, it's like a drug. so... watch out, i guess is what i'm trying to say here.
deviant art member: Oh man, i need to check my deviant meseges.
his friend: Dude you just checked them five minutes ago.
deviant art member: But somebody might have added my photo shop vector to their favs! and i need to right a thanks message!
his friend comon man, this is the first time you've been out of your room in days
deviant art member: get out of my way!
his friend: ahh! he bit me! ahh!
by sweet dood!!!!!!111 February 22, 2008

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