An art site where people could upload their original artwork be it photography, pictures of crafts, writing/poetry, digital/traditional art and more.

Also has a few nifty things like journal and a 'webcam' space where you can put the URL of any picture to show the people whos tumble on your page.

As promising as it sounds; the site seems to have been taken over be:
The white (usually, but can be any race including Asians who are too obessed) kids, usually in their teens or early adulthood, who either upload crappy anime pics, edited screencaps of their crappy OC's in some crappy anime fanfic, or never DARE consider ANYTHING outside anime. Usually screenamed - insert some word/name here-Chan.

The people who think dA is myspace. All they have in their gallery are bad cellphone pictures of themselves at 10 different angles possiby with heavy make-up or the 'emo look' (see next). Generally have friends/fans due to sucking up or being what is considered 'hot'.

~Emo/Scene Poser
The 'emo/scene' kids who have no f-ing idea what the subculture is about. They wear their Hot Topic clothes, heavy make-up and take badly done pics of cut wrists or make some digital blood. Often also whiney and maybe a combo of any of the people mentioned here and more. Usually go off in their journals about how terrible their lives are because "My highschool boyfriend, XXXXEMOXXXXXXXX can't have my babies now b/c wearing my pants made him steryle!!!!!!!! :'(((((((" or other crap like that. Poetry is horrible, too; usually involving overdramatic cut stories.

Remember that kid in school who wanted sympathy because his/her hated brothers best friends friend died? Bingo. These are the people who try and drum up sympathy and drama. Another tactic is acting for critque and then flipping when such 'crit' isnt more than "ZOMG!!! FAV!! I LOVE NARUTO AND SASKUE SEX!!!!". Logic dosn't work with this one. Other known tactics are:

making more and more dA accounts obviously reconizable/telling people new account names and getting mad or sad when people come to flame/crit/kiss ass, leaving and returning dA withen weeks or days of long journal rants, and of course journal rants.

Yea, dA is cool if you meet the right people and watch the right artists, but take note of the people mentioned above (and it dosn't stop there).

DO NOT encourage.
For more information on:

to see what I didn't include;

Please see
by Long Live E freaking A August 03, 2009
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A web based art community with many users. Users can submit their art to this community where it can be viewed by others. There are many great artists in this community. However there are many crappy artists as well who only submit pictures of half naked women in order to get a massive amount of page views and comments on their pictures by young testosterone loaded teenage boys.
"deviantart is awesome apart from all the people submitting shit just to get attention."
by Ain'tNoThang June 18, 2004
An empire of mostly average art, though there are quite a few that are good. Sadly, this empire is overruled by fanart rather than creative, original art. Anything else other than fanart hardly ever gets noticed.

Your drawing/photo/movie/poem may get viewed by some, but usually no more than 30 times. If you get a comment on it by someone, that's usually the last comment you'll ever get on it, unless you have some friends (AKA DeviantWatchers) that like your artwork. If you're lucky, it might even get a favorite.

On the other hand, if you submit a drawing of a character from, say, Full Metal Alchemist, or Inu Yasha, You may get as much as 100 views or more within the same hour that you submitted it. These usually get more comments and favorites, especially if you draw the male characters looking all bishie-like (The deviantart community is mostly girls, so it's natural that they'd like this kind of stuff).

Then there are the Deviants that are extremely popular and worshipped by thousands. I have no idea how they got this popular, but the case with these people is that, no matter WHAT they submit, no matter how stupid it looks, or how simple it is, it appears on the front page in the "Today's Favorites" section. Their artwork gets about 500 favorites per picture, as well as about 8 pages of comments by people saying how cute it is, how much they love Edward Elric, or how much they love the artist, despite the simplicity of the work. There ARE some photos/drawings/movies though which I agree deserve to be there, but most of them are just random new pictures submitted by "a popular artist"

There are some less-popular artists out there who submit more interesting things than what appears on the front page, but sadly, since their name is not "Rimfrost", or "bleed-man", nobody notices their work.

So, to sum it up, deviantart is a nice place. I just wish that others' original artwork would get noticed as well. I go there too, and submit drawings of my own characters, but the only ones who see it are my friends. It would be good if all art was appreciated, and I'm not simply talking about the original art of ONLY the popular artists, but EVERYONE's art.
An original drawing on deviantart:
"........... yea."

A Fanart drawing on deviantart:
"LIEK OMG I LUVVV IT!! ITS THE BEST THING I EVR SAW!! OMG I <3 INUYASHA ^_^_^_^" (repeat this x100 and you have a popular artist's drawing)
by SomeBadJoke March 12, 2006
A website where various artists can submit their work. However, within less then a minute after submission, the art quickly is archived to make room for new submissions. Because of this, it is not uncommon for some work to go entirely unseen. The only way to get noticed is to either draw fan-art, anime, or take a black and white picture of your slit wrists and call it "emotional."
Guy: I was on DeviantART the other day, my picture got six views! I even got one favorite!

Me: I was on SheezyART the other day too. After customizing my user-page, I submitted some art. It stayed on the front page for more than 8 minutes. Then I found pirate gold in my basement.

Guy: Sheezy art is for gay fags who are gay and like to be fags that are gay.

Me: Ok.
by MooseFOOD February 04, 2005
An online art community, where users, called Deviants, can sign up for a free account and upload their artwork, called Deviations. You can subscribe for a fee to receive additional benefits (such as ad-free browsing). Generally a nice place, with many intelligent and friendly members who can offer helpful insight and advice. And yes, there ARE some really amazing artists on dA who fully deserve the recognition they get.

And the abundance of mediocre manga fanart isn't even that bad - at least they tried to put some sort of artistic effort into it. What's truly horrible are the countless adolescent girls who feel the need to pepper dA with cam-whoresque pictures under the guise of expressive portraiture. Please, do it somewhere else. It's extremely selfish and egocentric, and it ruins the experience for those of us who take dA seriously.

If you truly enjoy art and put thought and effort into your work, and are willing to offer insightful, intelligent comments, please, sign up. deviantArt needs more people like you.
I found a gorgeous painting on deviantArt yesterday, so I added it to my favourites and left a comment.

If deviantArt turns into MySpace I swear I'm going to strangle something.
by KCLlama March 06, 2008
a place where you submit art and communicate with others and comment about art.

though deviantART has undergone numerous changes, the only people who believe it to be gay or homosexual are the people who failed to read the submission agreement and thus lost their submitted work
Person1: OMG I submitted a movie to deviantART and they banned it!
person2: did it have nudity in it?
Person1: duh!
Person2: then that's why it was removed, stupid fuck.
by Archaicdemon February 22, 2006
A site dedicated to art. Most of the people who use it just want to feel special because they drew a picture, but there are a select few users who are actually good at "art".
D00D. 1/\/\ T3H 3l337 h4x0r 4r7ist. CH3k 0UT /\/\Y l337 D3VI4NT4RT!!!!!!!!!1 1 H4V3 A P1Ct4RE OF A TR33 ON TH4R!

Non lamer:
Perhaps I'll use Deviantart to showcase my last drawing, which I think is one of my best
by RickR August 23, 2004
An online community where people from all over the world can share art, poetry, "prose," and more.

Although there are people that dislike this sort of place, more often then not, these are the same people who use the word "fag" in a degrading manner and who hate Dance Dance Revolution and those who play it.
DeviantART is certainly an active web site.
by Dark Chaos December 28, 2003
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