A strange, random, and useless word that no one knows the exact definition of and use it because they thing they are smart cookies
Some other guy was flipping a deuche.
by Jen C March 15, 2003
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You guys are retarded its spelt D-O-U-C-H-E, DOUCHE you fucking DOUCHE BAGS
anyone who cant spell Douche, but still calls others douches are in fact, Douches
by Tinker with my toy July 07, 2005
A douche bag spelling of douche. The Definition of a douche is a vaginal cleaning device. The definition of a dueche is a whatever a retard trying to crack is looking at.
Oh my god, that guy is such a deuche.
Returning: Oh my god, I just got called a douche by a retard.
by Jesse Moody March 19, 2006
a person that is super douchey, like double the douchiness of a normal douchebag, hence the contraction of deuce and douche. The pronunciation of deuche is similar to douche, so no distinction can be made when merely heard. One might specify that they are calling someone a "eu" deche rather than an "ou" douche, but in doing so, this makes that person even more douchier as well. It just spirals into one douchier circle with no escape. In fact I should stop typing now.
"See that guy with the Affliction shirt, what a douche, oh he even has an affliction hat......DEUCHE"
by rgbfrisco October 02, 2009
A industry name for the character played by Rob Schneider in his movie slated for a 2015 release "Che Guevara: The Untold Story". Rob Schneider is a "high"ly regarded actor for his roles in the "Deuce Bigalo" movies and also his "quality" acting in many of Adam Sandler's movies released under the "Happy Madison" production company.  Many people have questioned his talent as an actor, and also his sanity. Many also regard him as a bit of a douche. Schneider is known to adlib lines often and in the upcoming movie completely butchers the words of Che Guevara.
“Many will call me an adventurer – and that I might be, only one a bit different sorta: one of those who risks his kin to purchase a platypus.” - Rob Schneider (as Che Guevara)

/facepalm (what a douchebag)

"What nonsense is streaming out of DeuChe's word hole now" - Director of "Che Guevara: The Untold Story"
by i'm no body February 19, 2013
The phonetic spelling of douche. Spelling is for douches anyways.
That deuche can probably spell.
by Chimmahh October 18, 2013
The process of cleaning a stankpuss, with a vinegar and water solution. Alternate methods may be used.
whisky sour deuche
chechnyan deuche
She needs to deuche that smelly twat.
by Hot Carl May 08, 2003

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