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When you are in a group about to smoke some weed, "deuce!" is called after the blunt or spliff is rolled up to gain status as second in line to hit it (after the roller). If called out before it is fully rolled, it will result in the person getting bitch (last in line to hit it). Proceeded with Treys for third, Quads for fourth, ect...
(Group of 5 people, Blunt is finished being rolled by person 1)
person 2: Deuce!
person 3: Treys!
person 4: awww man...
by whats_a_pseudonym2 November 27, 2007
1. peace, later, i'm out.
2. to go poop
3. the number 2
1. "later man" "deuces, dude. see ya tomorrow"
2. "i need to go drop a deuce"
"lets go deuce it up in the bathroom"
3. "how many chips should i buy?" "deuce"
by yoyomama November 12, 2007
another word for "take a crap"
Person 1- OMG Im gonna deuce
Person 2- k i dont really care
by Joel Bossy December 07, 2006
Usually used as a greeting, a complimenting or derogatory statement. Used in many different contexts. It is can be used anywhere and anytime of your choosing. Some have even described it as the new supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. This is Gods gift to us as a universal word.
How you Deucin?, Your such a Deuchole/Deucebag, That ice cream was the Deuce!, What the Deuce?, Aww, Deuce!, Whats crackin Deuce?
by bojangles69allday September 21, 2010
2 ounces of liquid codeine
Last night I drank the deuce.
by taxi service July 08, 2009
Deuce a synonym for the word deal,
As in "whats the deuce?" , "The deuce-deuce" and "The Deuce-Nosis". A way of talking co workers and friends in an aggravating manner . A variation of whats the deal . Whats the deuce-deuce as whats goin on. And of course, "the Deuce-Nosis" as a means to ask whats the plan. The Deuce-Nosis is a compound word comprised of the deuce and the prognosis. This was born from the earlier meaning of deuce referring to the act of defecating i.e Got to drop a deuce.
by 954ink July 06, 2009
Slang for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
"Dave got popped for a deuce coming back from the Steely Dan Show."
by Sleestack October 26, 2007