An ugly person. Deuce= 2 a dime= 10

If someone calls you a duece they are saying you look like shit
A deuce is a honey that's ugly

If your girl is fine, she's a dime
by BigBig oh oh oh October 25, 2011
An ugly girl.
That girl Jimmie banged the other night was a deuce.
by satanspenis August 01, 2011
A Double blunt. one blunt combined with another to form a Deuce. 2 blunts in one.
Oh god i just smoked a huge deuce
by RB.Bellz January 23, 2011
The second hit off of a new bowl or joint of marijuana.
-My weed bro, i got greens
-AAIIIGHT man then i got DEUCE
by rankor April 01, 2006
Another word for poo.
Bradley : "Drop a deuce now"
by dropadeuce October 08, 2010
When you are in a group about to smoke some weed, "deuce!" is called after the blunt or spliff is rolled up to gain status as second in line to hit it (after the roller). If called out before it is fully rolled, it will result in the person getting bitch (last in line to hit it). Proceeded with Treys for third, Quads for fourth, ect...
(Group of 5 people, Blunt is finished being rolled by person 1)
person 2: Deuce!
person 3: Treys!
person 4: awww man...
by whats_a_pseudonym2 November 27, 2007
1. peace, later, i'm out.
2. to go poop
3. the number 2
1. "later man" "deuces, dude. see ya tomorrow"
2. "i need to go drop a deuce"
"lets go deuce it up in the bathroom"
3. "how many chips should i buy?" "deuce"
by yoyomama November 12, 2007

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