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1. in playing cards, a two (eg "deuce of spades")
2. shit (ie #2)
3. a 2-year prison sentence
So I got sentencd to a deuce(3), was dropping a deuce(2), and I was using the time wisely in remarking the deuces(1) in my poker deck
by Cyberpope, Richmond, Canada July 08, 2009
3 2
2 ounces of promethazine cough syrup aka purple drank, lean, texas tea, purp, and many others.
Yo man pour up deuce and mix it up with that sprite.
by M. Markovich November 07, 2005
152 151
Refers to a having a small penis
You going to see James? " Why? He's a deuce and he and he has no money.
by Roman Goddess of Love June 12, 2014
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To give a person a ride to a predetermined destination.
Jen: ahh ok i gotta decide what type of zombie i will be
Steve: What options you thinkin about?

Jen: hmm.. prostitute zombie?
Steve: ...I think that is a splendid idea. Do you need a ride there? I'd be happy to deuce you.
by streetshark86 October 30, 2011
1 1
An ugly person. Deuce= 2 a dime= 10

If someone calls you a duece they are saying you look like shit
A deuce is a honey that's ugly

If your girl is fine, she's a dime
by BigBig oh oh oh October 25, 2011
3 3
An ugly girl.
That girl Jimmie banged the other night was a deuce.
by satanspenis August 01, 2011
2 2
A black person in New Jersey Police slang. In NJ on police reports, persons are identified by race codes 01 for white, 02 for black and 05 for hispanic. Thus, a black person is a "deuce"
1st cop : "This guy was running his mouth, so I cracked him one."
2nd cop: "A deuce?"
1st cop" "What do you think?"
by canadiandeucecurveball November 27, 2010
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