20-inch rims.
Homie 1: Yo, check out my new deuces! Ain't they fly?
Homie 2: CHURCH!
by nuc January 04, 2011
Calling the second turn on a joint/pipe/bong/blunt. Comes after greens (calling first turn on a smoking session)
When Todd called greens, i instantly called deuces.
by Mikey Led April 11, 2009
Bye..in a Sarcastic manner, *Your cut off, later, I'm out, Never again.- Can be used if racing another person in car. *what you say if you just overtook him.(Body language -two fingers up palms facing in, to the side of your head your face looking forward.then walk away) -Military guys use this commonly.
Your not fitting the bill with me..your attitude you can save for some other guy. Deuces
by Kara the Barber April 19, 2008
A man with a large penis
Girl says "That boy is a deuce!"
by Bob November 16, 2002
A phrase and hand gesture often used by Auckland University students as a way to say the number 2 or to say goodbye
Jarrid: later (chuckin up deuces)

Louis: (chuckin up a deuce)

Jarrid: how many girls did you get with last night

Louis: deuces.
by jaz23 March 04, 2011
holding up 2 fingers symbolizing fuck you and peace
Angel"Nigga you got my money"
by MilwaukeeRican5 July 22, 2010
A kick ass sporting goods product
Wow! That new deuce is rad!
by pb February 02, 2004

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