To accurately and specifically predict the reaction of someone to a situation or stimulus, showing acute insight into and observation of (or just over-familiarity with) the subject.

Named after alias of the first recorded example of "deuce-ing." Not meant to belittle the subject, but rather, to praise the observatorial powers of the deuce-er.
Time: 1:15
Place: Outside, across street from bar
Jeff and Peter observe John walking in the general direction of bar

Jeff: "Hey, ask John if he's getting a Martini or a Mimosa."
Peter: (Checks watch) To Jeff: "He'll say it's too late for a Mimosa." Yells To John: "Are you getting a Martini or a Mimosa?"
John: (Checks watch) To Peter: "It's too late for a Mimosa."

Jeff & Peter: (Laugh)
Jeff: (To Peter) "Dude, you totally deuced him."
by jmiller September 07, 2006
1. the act of excreting fecal matter from the anus.

2. the number 2.

pl. deuces.
1. the act of excreting fecal matter from the anus multiple times

2. a peace sign held up by the index and middle fingers. commonly used by teenage girls
Dude I just took a massive deuce!

I just rolled a deuce!

Man i have taken a couple deuces today.

Deuces bff!!!!
by Alex Hermann December 09, 2010
A black person in New Jersey Police slang. In NJ on police reports, persons are identified by race codes 01 for white, 02 for black and 05 for hispanic. Thus, a black person is a "deuce"
1st cop : "This guy was running his mouth, so I cracked him one."
2nd cop: "A deuce?"
1st cop" "What do you think?"
by canadiandeucecurveball November 27, 2010
noun, a female of sub-par attractiveness.
a honey that's ugly.
yo check out that dime standing next to that deuce
by amo stylez November 14, 2010
1. in playing cards, a two (eg "deuce of spades")
2. shit (ie #2)
3. a 2-year prison sentence
So I got sentencd to a deuce(3), was dropping a deuce(2), and I was using the time wisely in remarking the deuces(1) in my poker deck
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada July 08, 2009
a word that will fill in any word needed to complete the sentence. it has no exact meaning. the most amazing word known to man.
What the deuce!?
we have to deuce it out!
wanna deuce tonight?
by kdeuce1 June 10, 2009
1. A Word used in place of a swear word. 2A Word used in place of the word devil often as in a mild swear or oath.
2. The face of a die or card having a face of 2.
3. Noun or transitive verb: 1. A tie in Tennis after both opponents have scored 40 points and need only two consecutive points to win the game/set. T 2.The act of bringing the score in a Tennis game/set to a tie.
1. "What the deuce are you talking about?"
2. "He rolled a deuce."
3. "Alice scored a point, bringing both them to a deuce."
by Non-available October 07, 2007
A fat chick, usually weighing over 200 lbs.
"I think I saw Tom leave with that deuce"
by Nitsud420 May 17, 2007

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