To accurately and specifically predict the reaction of someone to a situation or stimulus, showing acute insight into and observation of (or just over-familiarity with) the subject.

Named after alias of the first recorded example of "deuce-ing." Not meant to belittle the subject, but rather, to praise the observatorial powers of the deuce-er.
Time: 1:15
Place: Outside, across street from bar
Jeff and Peter observe John walking in the general direction of bar

Jeff: "Hey, ask John if he's getting a Martini or a Mimosa."
Peter: (Checks watch) To Jeff: "He'll say it's too late for a Mimosa." Yells To John: "Are you getting a Martini or a Mimosa?"
John: (Checks watch) To Peter: "It's too late for a Mimosa."

Jeff & Peter: (Laugh)
Jeff: (To Peter) "Dude, you totally deuced him."
by jmiller September 07, 2006
1. A Word used in place of a swear word. 2A Word used in place of the word devil often as in a mild swear or oath.
2. The face of a die or card having a face of 2.
3. Noun or transitive verb: 1. A tie in Tennis after both opponents have scored 40 points and need only two consecutive points to win the game/set. T 2.The act of bringing the score in a Tennis game/set to a tie.
1. "What the deuce are you talking about?"
2. "He rolled a deuce."
3. "Alice scored a point, bringing both them to a deuce."
by Non-available October 07, 2007
Refers to a having a small penis
You going to see James? " Why? He's a deuce and he and he has no money.
by Roman Goddess of Love June 12, 2014
V. To deuce or be deuced

Used to informally reject someone's statement as untrue, stupid or absurd & thus prescribing two hits on the shoulder and a slap on the back of the head.
Bryan: Top 3 Ballers all time: Magic, Byrd and Ewing

Slick: that's a deuce!(enforces)
Slick: you didn't say MJ.

J: yo American idol was live last night.

Rick: Deuce.
by SanDirt September 24, 2013
The combination of a blunt and a joint. The joint paper is first licked on the adhesive strip (the gum/glue) and is then placed inside of the hollowed blunt (cigar). The marijuana is then evenly distributed throughout the blunt, packed tightly, and then rolled perfectly round (pearling). It will taste better and burn slower than a blunt, canoes less than a joint or blunt, and will hit you pretty hard. Works best with flavored papers. Filters can be used in it too.
Bro that deuce got me so ripped! We have to smoke those more often lol
by Professional Pothead March 26, 2012
To give a person a ride to a predetermined destination.
Jen: ahh ok i gotta decide what type of zombie i will be
Steve: What options you thinkin about?

Jen: hmm.. prostitute zombie?
Steve: ...I think that is a splendid idea. Do you need a ride there? I'd be happy to deuce you.
by streetshark86 October 30, 2011
An ugly person. Deuce= 2 a dime= 10

If someone calls you a duece they are saying you look like shit
A deuce is a honey that's ugly

If your girl is fine, she's a dime
by BigBig oh oh oh October 25, 2011
An ugly girl.
That girl Jimmie banged the other night was a deuce.
by satanspenis August 01, 2011

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