To accurately and specifically predict the reaction of someone to a situation or stimulus, showing acute insight into and observation of (or just over-familiarity with) the subject.

Named after alias of the first recorded example of "deuce-ing." Not meant to belittle the subject, but rather, to praise the observatorial powers of the deuce-er.
Time: 1:15
Place: Outside, across street from bar
Jeff and Peter observe John walking in the general direction of bar

Jeff: "Hey, ask John if he's getting a Martini or a Mimosa."
Peter: (Checks watch) To Jeff: "He'll say it's too late for a Mimosa." Yells To John: "Are you getting a Martini or a Mimosa?"
John: (Checks watch) To Peter: "It's too late for a Mimosa."

Jeff & Peter: (Laugh)
Jeff: (To Peter) "Dude, you totally deuced him."
by jmiller September 07, 2006
1) (n) A "deuce deuce" is a .22 caliber handgun.
2) (n) 20 ounce of liquor.
"About to get loose with the deuce
deuce" -- Ice Cube (Gangsta fairytale II 1993).
by halla November 14, 2003
Sharing a cigarette between two people
Robert: hey man can i get a cigarette?
Shelby: nah fool i got one left
Robert: then lets deuce it!
by sinsumtrip November 16, 2008
The act of holding your peace sign fingers sideways while simultaneously saying "deuces" to another individual. It can be meant as both a friendly and unfriendly way of saying goodbye or peace out to someone else.
Friendly way; Mark threw up deuces while leaving the epic party last night.

Unfriendly way; Jake threw up some deuces when he peeled out of Kyle's moms driveway after he left there with Hulk Hands!
by ROBOCHAD August 09, 2012
1. A common way to say Goodbye. Mostly used in New Jersey/New York/California.

It resembles getting throw of two in dice, thus throwing a peace sign (two fingers)

2. Getting the next drag/pull/hit on either a cigarette or a bong.

3. Another way to say a "shit".
Pauly- Ay man, my girls waiting for me at the crib, ill hit you up later.

Rocco- Aight then man, "Deuces"
Pauly- Fuck homie, this is my last cigg

Rocco- Damn I was gonna ask for one to! Aight, lemme get deuces on that then.
Pauly- Bad fucking idea eating 100$ worth of food at taco bell.

Rocco- Seriously, I needa take a deuce like, RIGHT NOW!
by JerzzeyBabyy January 27, 2012
Intercourse and oral sex.
Like the KISS song says, "Your man is working hard, he's worth a deuce!"
by Smitty3 August 30, 2007
The term deuce is used when someone is smoking a cigarette and another person would like, either a) half or b) a couple of pulls. you can ask for deuce only when the person is lighting the cigarette or when he/she has taken several pulls...NEVER ask when the cigarette is half way through, it shocks the smoker because they are most likely sad that their cigarette is about to be done and your asking to end it a little sooner, and will most likely be denied, after which you will feel like a complete idiot. so ask on time.
Marlboro: (pulls out cigarette)
Pall Mall: hey man you mind deucing that with me?
Marlboro: no problem!

Marlboro: (half way thru cigarette) its freakin cold outside!
Pall Mall: hey man lemme get deuce.
Marlboro: gtfo of here!
Pall Mall: (cries, runs away)
by kr0wn0fh0rnz February 22, 2010
1. Regarding two people, normally close friends or brothers, who are considered extreme badasses. Often hated on by other males, but always respected.

2. A man who excels at almost everything he does, but is also an excessive womanizer, hence the hatred of other men.

3. A man who makes Bruce Lee bow to his knees, and Chuck Norris weep for redemption.
Man1: Dude look at those two punkass fuckers
Man2: bro hold on dont look at them
Man1: why not?
Man2: They're deuces
Man1: (bows head in hate and respect)....Fucking deuces
by Derben March 09, 2012

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