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To accurately and specifically predict the reaction of someone to a situation or stimulus, showing acute insight into and observation of (or just over-familiarity with) the subject.

Named after alias of the first recorded example of "deuce-ing." Not meant to belittle the subject, but rather, to praise the observatorial powers of the deuce-er.
Time: 1:15
Place: Outside, across street from bar
Jeff and Peter observe John walking in the general direction of bar

Jeff: "Hey, ask John if he's getting a Martini or a Mimosa."
Peter: (Checks watch) To Jeff: "He'll say it's too late for a Mimosa." Yells To John: "Are you getting a Martini or a Mimosa?"
John: (Checks watch) To Peter: "It's too late for a Mimosa."

Jeff & Peter: (Laugh)
Jeff: (To Peter) "Dude, you totally deuced him."
by jmiller September 07, 2006
can be used in slang termanology in the san gabriel valley. SiX DEUCE SiX
reppen the six DEUCE six (626).
by prexus October 21, 2003
Someone who is generally unliked, or considered a "fag".
Wow, that kid is such a deuce.
by Zac Lemons November 24, 2007
A doob aka marijuana cigarette
Quit bogarting that deuce!
by pinky August 17, 2004
An exclamation.
"WHAT THE DEUCE?!" exclaimed Stewie Griffin
by ZJP December 29, 2003
A great musician and producer from the band Hollywood Undead who started his own solo project. He is still with Hollywood Undead though.
Deuce fucking ruleess!!
by Aubree Undead February 19, 2008
A deuce is a honey thats ugly.
Damn, that bitch is deuce!
by Weef Dizzo March 30, 2005
A rabbit with colorings similar to a Butterfinger.
Dude, deuce pissed on Mary's blanket.

Shit, hide it in the corner, maybe she'll forget.
by Kyle March 12, 2005