A term for someone who is really cool. Someone who couldn't be any cooler than they are.
You are a detroit. NO mom, you are not detroit enough to come to my party.
by chumich1 December 02, 2007
The most awesomest place in America. Alot of people put it down because, well, the news.
Best hockey team. Best basketball team. Slowly going football team.

People say all of Detroit is ghetto, Detroit has nice areas also, such as Highland Park. Lived in detroit for 13+ years. Also, the best DOWNTOWN ever!
Yes, parts of Detroit are ghetto but there are some cool and nice parts.
P2: Ugh, I'm going down to Detroit to see my grandmother.
P1: Have you ever been down there before?
P2: No, I heard the 'D' has some high crime rates, I heard it on the news, I don't wanna die today!
P1: DON'T TALK ABOUT IT THEN IF YOU HAVENT SET A FOOT IN DETROIT, Or at least of 9 mile radius of Detroit
P2: -.-, It might not be so bad after all, I'll just get some Faygo while I'm down there.
by Yayletsgo November 15, 2011
Amazing city, typically wrongly defined by stereotypes. It has it's pros, and it's cons, but it's never as bad as people say.
Place where anyone in Michigan claims to be from. You can ask someone from Kalamazoo or Cheboygan where they're from, and they'll say Detroit.
Detroit has a bad rep, thanks to stereotypes.
by LukieInTheSky April 01, 2010
A city that you come to, to get Fucked Up!!!! Raves, particularly DEMF, Clubs, Parks. Just an Overall Pary!!!
yo i went to detroit the other night and it was crazy we snorted cocaine off a strippers ass! Then we went to a rave and ate ecstasy!
by dtownPartyer March 03, 2009
the most badass city on the planet! also refered to the 313. origin of eminem
Person 1: hey, where u from?
Person 2: Detroit
Person 1: damnnnnn, you're badass
Person 2: 313 represent
by jack10581 April 30, 2011
Detroit is the bestiest city ever! All you who say its bad just don't know it! Stop listening to rumors and stuff cause it sucks when you meet someone from another state and they say "where are you from?" you say "detroit" and they look scared and walk away!! I Love it here!! I'm never leaving and if you don't like that than say away from me!! We Rock the world!
Who doesn't love detroit? You? I hate you then.
by kitty kat likes the kit kat June 10, 2010
place where Royce Da 5'9 is from who is the best fuckin rapper ever.
if u go to detroit listen to royce da 5'9, its good shit
by Detroit Boy April 14, 2004

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