In terms of cities as women, Detroit is compared to the flashier, sexier, crunchier, trendier cities/women, and often serve to inflate the self esteem of cities who actually aren 't as awesome as they think they are, or are having problems and want someone to make them feel prettier. Some of her worst enemies are actually her cousins (the Detroit suburbs) who think she is an embaressing relative, and think they know what is best for her, but bad mouth her and get in her way. Detroit has problems, but thats not all there is to her. The auto industry, a boyfriend, has been part of her best and worst times.
Los Angeles: Pssst..have you seen Detroit lately? I feel so bad for her. EVERYONE says her days are numbered.
New York: I know. I feel bad sometimes, because we are so awesome and successful. Detroit just doesn't know whats good for her. She needs to get her priorities straight. Her schools are a mess.


Portland: Poor Detroit. So unenlightened. She likes abusive men. They should look into local foods, or a market where you can buy fresh food. Plus they need diversity.
Seattle: Oh, I know! Too bad they don't live near water and Canada like us. But they aren't as progressive as us.

Westland (suburb): God cousin Detroit is so embaressing. I just party at her place then get going back.

Birmingham: Its a shame what happened to my cousin Detroit. She should have better shopping. But everyone just wants to come shopping with me.

Eastpointe: I try not to let anyone know about my cousin, Detroit. I really am closer to my cousin, Grosse Pointe. Oh yeah, I used to be East Detroit. We're sooo fancy here.
by suburbanDetroiter July 10, 2011
Not to bad of a place. Just no where your going, cuz if you wander in the wrong parts, at night, ur screwed
Person 1: Detroit isnt to bad of a place
Person 2: I guess not as long as you stay away from Cass Tech, Martin Luther King Blvd., Joy Rd. and stay away from prostitutes, gangs, drug dealers, some homeless people, and the hundreds of burnt down or abandoned houses, and you dont go out at night, expecally not in those roads then i suppose its okay
by tdm72 March 09, 2011
The ghettoest & poorest city in America, & probably the most dangerous. A great city to visit if you want to die. The smell of the nasty sewers will want to throw up, since they are barely cleaned. The people are so ghetto they take baths with fire hydrants. The lake is so nasty it turns green like mold & dead fish start appearing out of no where. The Pistons suck so bad nobody even cares about them. Detroit is the place to go if you want to die, all you have to do is wear some nice shoes or necklaces or even bracelets & you'll get hit up with bullets pretty quick. The weather is so crappy it makes you want to roll up in a ball a & hibernate for 6 months.
Ken - "Look at my new Jordan's"
Jim - "Bro don't walk outside with those shoes you will certainly get shot. You know how Detroit is.
by keviimanii December 22, 2014
A city with so much crime and violence, people would rather blow themselves up on a plane than spend a day there.
A man from Nigeria on a plane headed for Detroit attempted to blow up the plane.
by tehking84 February 07, 2010
An underrated city located in Michigan, USA. With a historical background in the auto industry, Detroit has companies producing for automobile assembly. Detroit is the greatest place in the world for urban exploration because of the large amount of abandoned buildings. Abandoned automobile factories, schools, theaters, and skyscrapers to name just a few make up the selection of buildings available for urban exploration.
The Ambassador bridge connects Detroit to Windsor, Canada where every 19 year old from the United States celebrates their birthday to drink legally.
Human 1: Hey man, were going down to Detroit for some urban exploring you want to come?

Human 2: No, I don't want to go to the Dirty D today.
by Detroit city dweller July 12, 2009
a city that builds things and breaks people.
i'm from Detroit and i'm damn proud of it.
by dpride February 10, 2011
What everybody claims to be the "ghetto" or the most crime populated city...but yeah its not stop going by what the media says and come see for yourself because the part that i live in is no where rough.But most people that's says this about Detroit be the main ones living in like there roughest neighborhoods ever for example Bronx,New York infested with rats and more trash than i can ever imagine<---and i've been there before.
Detroit is such a "ghetto" area<-- reminds you that this is a person that never been here.
by Unknown2009 February 02, 2009

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