The capital of America's Rust Belt. The largest city in Michigan. People are leaving the city in droves and has caused an enormous population decline as a result. It isn’t one of America‘s 10 largest cities anymore. The population is around 800,000 presently after a high of 1.5 million in the 1950s but the metro area has about 4 million. Jobs are also leaving the city. It was the automobile capital of the world, but many companies have left the city for the suburbs. The latest was Comerica (a bank that Comerica Park is named after). It moved its headquarters to Dallas, the Big D. It’s Big Three and their huge labor unions have ruined this place. The auto industry, the city's largest continuously lays off workers and its pathetic labor unions bitch about “unfair” labor rules and alleged bad working conditions, despite the fact that they’re so overpaid with such little skill. Detroit has huge economic cycles--usually bad ones. As the saying goes, “When the rest of the nation gets a cold, Detroit gets pneumonia.“ The city itself is pathetic and is hardly on the rebound despite what manipulated reports say. This place builds huge casinos and has the audacity to call this “redevelopment” while the rest of its 800,000 residents are living in poverty and slums with enormous rates of violent crime and drugs. Part of its scam to call itself redeveloped was by manipulating the NFL into getting to host the 2006 Super Bowl. The NFL didn’t want to come anywhere near Detroit but the city begged NFL team owners to host a Super Bowl there if they delivered on unreasonable promises, which have yet to occur. Even Detroit getting to host a Super Bowl was a scam in itself. The Super Bowl will never be there again. The NFL has said they will NEVER return to Detroit. How ironic, neither will its population exodus. Detroit is among America’s murder capitals and is anything but a liveable city that has yet to revitalize itself. It’s still America’s shit hole. Always has been and always will be. It should be incinerated and rebuilt.
Detroit is close to being the worst city in America. Just keep driving but pray your car doesn't break down in the city.
by krock1dk September 04, 2007
a city that way too much people talk shit about.
it's not as bad as everyone thinks.

also, slim daddy is a faggot, who has never been to detroit.
fuck slim daddy.
detroit 4 life
by Jordan Stevens May 18, 2007
place where the party's at
the party is in the D (detroit)
by samantha83190 March 07, 2007
A city that is usually defined only by it's wild ghettos and crime-torn hoods. Though Detroit does have some very nice, safe districts, I am officially declaring it the 2nd most dangerous ghetto in America.
Mother: "Kids, we're going on a vacation to Detroit!"

Kid: "Oh FUCK!!! Why me?!?!?!"

Mother: "Don't worry, we're going to the Ford district."

Kid: Phew!
by Zuke July 12, 2006
A large, drug filled shooting-range disguised as a city.
I went to Detroit for the weekend and I left with a bag of cocaine and a 9mm bullet wound.
by Waqcku May 28, 2005
A once beautiful city located in SE Michigan along the banks of the Detroit River. Ever since white flight began, this city has gone to the niggers...literally. It is home to crackheads, dead beat fathers, single mothers, corrupt politicians, coons, rats, groids, niglets, welfare mamas, lazy subspecies, etc.

The city has beautiful architecture, unfortunately the groids refuse to take pride in ownership and these buildings are now run down, burnt out shells of what they used to be.

The city is also the biggest drain on the welfare system in the entire State. Tax dollars paid by Detroiters is less than those of the rest of the state; however, residents of this black hole receive more assistance than the rest of the state combined.

Detroit is the crime and murder capital of the state!
It is all too common for a Detroiter to have their hand out for assistance, but they still refuse to pay their bills and look to the white man to do this for them. Funny, they will take the white man's money, but they are all racist against white people.
by Enlightened One in MI July 10, 2010
A ghetto wasteland that would be more useful as a nuclear weapon testing ground. It is a poor excuse for a city. The city is run by an all incompetent black administration that has seen more of its members indicted for crimes any other place in history. Detroit is also a synonym for corruption
You ever been to Detroit? What a shit hole!
by dadudeman112233 March 24, 2010

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