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a city that way too much people talk shit about.
it's not as bad as everyone thinks.

also, slim daddy is a faggot, who has never been to detroit.
fuck slim daddy.
detroit 4 life
by Jordan Stevens May 18, 2007
67 50
Detroit - noun
1. A city in southeast Michigan where the weak are killed and eaten.
Person1: Hey I'm headed to St. Andrews Hall this friday, wanna come?
Person2: In the heart of Detroit? Helll no i ain't gonna get shot.
by asfl;kdfskl4 July 26, 2008
22 7
place where the party's at
the party is in the D (detroit)
by samantha83190 March 07, 2007
45 31
A city that is usually defined only by it's wild ghettos and crime-torn hoods. Though Detroit does have some very nice, safe districts, I am officially declaring it the 2nd most dangerous ghetto in America.
Mother: "Kids, we're going on a vacation to Detroit!"

Kid: "Oh FUCK!!! Why me?!?!?!"

Mother: "Don't worry, we're going to the Ford district."

Kid: Phew!
by Zuke July 12, 2006
52 40
A large, drug filled shooting-range disguised as a city.
I went to Detroit for the weekend and I left with a bag of cocaine and a 9mm bullet wound.
by Waqcku May 28, 2005
103 92
A once beautiful city located in SE Michigan along the banks of the Detroit River. Ever since white flight began, this city has gone to the niggers...literally. It is home to crackheads, dead beat fathers, single mothers, corrupt politicians, coons, rats, groids, niglets, welfare mamas, lazy subspecies, etc.

The city has beautiful architecture, unfortunately the groids refuse to take pride in ownership and these buildings are now run down, burnt out shells of what they used to be.

The city is also the biggest drain on the welfare system in the entire State. Tax dollars paid by Detroiters is less than those of the rest of the state; however, residents of this black hole receive more assistance than the rest of the state combined.

Detroit is the crime and murder capital of the state!
It is all too common for a Detroiter to have their hand out for assistance, but they still refuse to pay their bills and look to the white man to do this for them. Funny, they will take the white man's money, but they are all racist against white people.
by Enlightened One in MI July 10, 2010
31 21
1. The city everyone talks shit about without neva setting foot in Michigan

2. Full of black people, white people are an endangered species

3.Best sport teams

4. Arabs own everything

5.Hoodrats, baby mama drama, ho central

6. Nicest ghetto downtown, best skyline

7. has many wannabe cities such as: Cleveland, windsor, camden, THE WHOLE OHIO!

8.over 800,000 people with crazy city borders

9. hypest highschools, neighborhoods, underground rappers

10. best underdog city in midwest
P2-net: where are you from?
P1-net: Detroit
P2-net..... Are you in a gang?
P1-net No! damnit i just live here asshole

by nobiz August 30, 2007
40 31