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A war-torn city, much like Baghdad. Murder Capital, the city that recorded a record number 1,274 shootings in 2004. Averages 380-420 murders a year, population declined all the way to 900,123 in the city limits. Going downhill and will soon hit rockbottom.
Stay away from Detroit unless you want your daughter raped by 5 thugs, caught in a shootout or jacked in downtown.
by UTP July 23, 2005
The largest, most polluted city in Michigan. The heart of automobile manufacturing, and the birthplace of techno.
Eminem, or should I say Skittles, is NOT from Detroit. He is from NEW YORK because if he was from D-Town, he wouldn't be saying shit about techno.
by true April 25, 2004
Largest, dirtiest city in Michigan. Is an industrial wasteland.

The city that everyone from Michigan who gets famous says their from.
I always want to kill myself after a trip through Detroit.

I have a record deal, so I'm from Detroit.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance December 02, 2003
The futuristic city and an example of negative utopia in which people eventually end up back in prehistoric times. Oddly enough worshipped as an "urbanistic" ideal by the Jewsih Liberal elite as much as the so-called White trailer trash (see Eminem
yo mamma so fat and stupid -shezz from d'troit or sumethin?
by Destouches February 17, 2005
Cool city but not Chicago.
Folks like Sparty get off our dicks.
by Quickdraw January 09, 2005
Hometown of:
-The second worst Baseball team ever
(Seconded to the 62' mets)
-One of the 3 worst NFL teams ever
(The other 2 being Arizona/St. Louis
Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints)
-A shitty Basketball team that is doing OK right now.
The wings are the greeetes!
by Linux System Message February 29, 2004
Sixth-worst city in America, after Cleveland, Omaha, LA, Chicago and Boston.
But then again, it's still infinitely superior to Omaha, and only mildly inferior to the seventh-worst city: Baltimore.
by AflacJack May 22, 2005