Detroit is the bestiest city ever! All you who say its bad just don't know it! Stop listening to rumors and stuff cause it sucks when you meet someone from another state and they say "where are you from?" you say "detroit" and they look scared and walk away!! I Love it here!! I'm never leaving and if you don't like that than say away from me!! We Rock the world!
Who doesn't love detroit? You? I hate you then.
by kitty kat likes the kit kat June 10, 2010
A black person, primarily male.
See nigga.

nigga, black, chocolate, homie

white, cracker, vanilla
Devonne: "Nothin' much detroit."
by That guy that saw you naked January 07, 2012
A joke.
"Detroit is a joke."
by Herbi January 26, 2009
Because the majority of girls attending high school in Metropolitan Detroit are whorish and slutty, receiving a DEtroit is synonymous with getting head.
"Dude that drunk chick totally gave me a DEtroit last night..."
by longhornbluedevil January 26, 2009
A giant cesspool, crime-infested, wasteland, decaying, toilet of a city.
Detroit is sooooooo fuckin' disgusting, I'd rather spend time in a toilet!
by T. M. November 18, 2005
(n) A city in south eastern Michigan filled entirely of niggers thanks to their corrupt government from 1950s to present day. The only reason the city is at all relevant in the world today is due to it's ability to draw white people's money because of the professional sporting arenas and casinos that are unfortunately located there.
Man 1: Dude I'm bored, let's go to Detroit
Man 2: Ok, sure, because I really feel like seeing a bunch of homeless niggers today. Use your brain dumb ass.
by Andy Rawraa July 29, 2010
The current residence of the greatest MC of all time, Eminem. 2nd only to San Diego. If you hate the D, go to hell!
Detroit is the birthplace of Obie Trice
by ShAdY July 26, 2004

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