a city ready to bounce back why well many things downtown detroit for example Campus martius(a rockfeller like park)with ice rink , a newly constructed nearly 2+miles long riverfront. a new ballpark a new football stadium Superbowl 40 will be in detroit Mlb all star game will be held summer 2005 NCAA mens basketball final four in 2009 dozens of new york style lofts being build in downtown and around. Compuware moved its headquarters to detroit build a 20+ story bulding with a borders book store and hardrock cafe 3 casinos now approved to stay permanetly greektown casino, motorcity casino,greektown casino, many areas of detroit are becoming safer and house values are reaching $100,000 a house examples include Southwest side of Detroit,Corktown,MexicanTown and more areas so Detroit is Changing slowly but for the better hopefully we will soon have a better mayor to fully rebuilt this city.if people are really scared of detroit then why do millons of peple come each year to hart plaza for events like the hoedown(country music festival)Fuse-In(Techno Music Fest)Freedom Fireworks(nations premier fireworks specticle )Thanksgiving day parade)(500,000plus).Detroit is known to many as the least diverse area in country 80% afrrican-american SOUTHWEST Side of detroit host the largest population of Hispanic/latinos in Michigan. not only that southwest side of detroit has the only area in city where population is actually increasing rather than decreasing also detroit has one the highest concentration of mideastern immigrants in the us with that said the city looks like it will be someday in my estimates 10-20 years from now very diverse detroit .
detroit is changing the the best
by x313x=frnko June 01, 2005
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1.A city that a bunch of people talk and complain about but without ever stepping inside the city limits or even coming within 50 miles of its border.

2.Contrary to popular belief, there are nice parts, but perpetuating stereotypes is better than talking about the good that resides there, huh?

3.Where everyone who's from Michigan says they're from when somebody asks them where they live.

4.Best water in the world.
1. Hey, I haven't been to Detroit, let along Michigan, but I heard something on the radio about the crime, so that makes me the official expert, tee-hee.

2.Rosedale Park, University District, etc...all great living areas.

3.Random Person 1: Where are you from?
'Detroiter': Westland
Random Person 1: Where?
'Detroiter': Detroit...

4.Have you ever had Detroit water?
by Mgsfan1 June 04, 2004
A city with the highest single parent population in the country.
Detroit has one of the largest single parent populations in the U.S. According to a Detroit News Study, 75% of all childbirths in 2004 were to unwed mothers.
On an average, 8 out of every 10 women in Detroit between 18-29 has at least one child, 80% out of wedlock.
by Mr. Dwayne February 03, 2005
The only place in America where people love hockey just as much as Canadians do.
The Detroit Redwings will rock your socks off.
by Motor February 10, 2007
A really awesome city that is stereotyped entirely way too much. Sure it is mostly black and has a large industrial landscape, but so what? None of those two are necessarily bad things. I love black people; they are awesome, and I personally love the industrial architecture. In addition, it is one of the birthplaces of modern rock and rap, and has one of the most kick-ass basketball teams: The Detroit Pistons. The Detroit Tigers are cool, too.
Detroit is a kickass city with one of the best skylines ever.
by The Book of Truth July 09, 2005
Detroit is the home of
Al wissams/ cartiers/ gators/ chevys/ cutlass/ marauders/ single baby mommas/ THICK ASS GIRLZ/ non child support payers/drug dealers/ no job having/ weed smokers/1800 tequila drinkers/ hotel parties/ hypest high schools/ hypest basketball games and parties/ gang fights/ high school dropouts/ drive bys/ everybody has a criminal record/ no car insurance/ raised on coney islands/ living with yo momma after the age 32/ bootleg electricity/ bbq on front porch/ high fashion/ everybody is a thug/ hood rich/ money makers/ material sac chasers/ home of the hoodrats/ everybody play sports/ section-8 hoes/ at least 4 babymommas/ at least 8 baby daddies/ bang in hoopties/ missing hub caps/ no gas in the car/ putting $1.30 on pump 5/ minute phone no minutes/ nextel chirp/ hitting Belle Isle every day of the summer/I-hop ater the club/ beauty supplies and liqour stores on every corner/ arabs own every thing/ MAN I LOVE THE "D"
Detroit Details and u know its true!!!!Dont hate!!!
You talk about it, but will never come through it!
You gotta love it!!!!!! BIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!
by getdoeboy January 08, 2006
a nice cit.y that in going down. Detroit would be a better city if we had a better mayor not that fat fuck kwame kilpatrick that says hes got plans put doesnt know he ass from a hole in the ground.the whole downtown area is pretty messed up with roadblocks everywhere.Detroit has plenty of good areas like just outside in grosse pointe
Hey lets go downtown
ok sure take jefferson and see those huge houses
by vince misiewicz March 28, 2005
The number 1 best place for a black in the United States to start a business.
Too many white people have too negative a view of Detroit.
by guided fox February 22, 2005
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