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One whom is completely absorbed in any mythological nonesense. This is the stereotyped "Dungeons and Dragons" personality. One whom assumes the views of a detranova are usually socially inadequate in the real world, so tend to create their own fantasy world in which they live the illusion that they have power.
I irritated detranova to a point close to spontaneous combustion and he threatened to cast a spell on me if I refused to cease in the mockery.
by Yakenslash February 12, 2004
A real git who thinks he's great, but really he's not.
Detranova is a stupid gimp.
by Yakenslash February 04, 2004
A very intelligent being (human or not) who is politically and militaristically knowledgeable, and contributes generously to everything.
That guy is such a Detranova.
by Detranova July 29, 2003
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