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A state of depression. Unblissful.
despondent, distracted, your vicious, and romantic
by zZz_Jinxy_zZz January 10, 2007
Fucking hopeless.
Johnny was despondent because his IQ was 4.
by Fred Jung. October 17, 2003
down in the dumps
Fayaz is despondent when Anthony misses their 3:30 PM hug appointment. See also: inconsolable.
by BrandonWalsh April 09, 2014
A skatepunk band from leicester.
Despondent are my favourite punk band ever.
by spunky mcpunk November 30, 2004
adjective, refers to someone being unhappy
Example 1: why are you so despondent with everything I try to do?

Example 2: S/he is so depondent with everything going on in his/her life.
by cecile poisedon May 30, 2009