1. An awesome person. Name could be used to describe others who are of equal awesomeness, except none exist.

2. A drink comprised of half jack daniels honey, half cherry vodka, with a splash of lime juice.
I didn't know what drink to order, so I ordered a Despina, which I thought would make me as awesome as Despina, but sadly it wasn't enough.

"I'm just fucking awesome."- actual quote from Despina herself
by Shorter Story May 24, 2013
Top Definition
Greek name for "Lady". Commonly interchanged with the virgin mary's name.. the nameday is August 15th. Nicknames for Despina are Des, Desi, Debbie, Despinoula, Despinaki.
Despina Kats is the coolest ever, and Despina Vandi is a famous pop singer.
by Despinoula April 25, 2008

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