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1. A strong attraction or longing.

2. A misspelling of Desiree, a type of Red potato.

3. The D in DORM

4. A girl who likes chocolate and the internet a little too much, but is still incredibly pretty. And too fucking skinny for her own good.

5. A true friend and the awesomest Woella you'll ever meet.
1. Desire Desires Draco xD

2. Lol!! You're a red potato Des!!

3. The D in DORM stands for Desire.

4. Desise like chocolate. A LOT.

5. Desire is a great friend and is Awesome. We luff chu Dessy-chan!! ^__^
by N-E-N July 20, 2009
The act of being spoiled
You desire for everything
by ViolentTravis January 15, 2010
Desire is GIANNA'S WORD!
Gianna owns desire because Gianna can.
by Gianna February 26, 2005