Désiré describes a girl who wants to be desired and by that seeks attention with various activity's like laughing too loud, boob jobs, making no sense, acting insecure to fish for compliments when she really thinks she is hot. She will also post indecent things on social networks in hopes to be desired.
He: Wow look at these pics this chick posted!
She: Omg she is such a Désiré!
by JokerNick December 30, 2012
desire is the basic, fundamental component of every living organism.
without desire, you do not exist.
those that do not have desires are god, already-dead organisms, and organisms that have not been created yet.
1: yo tim, let's grab something to eat.
2: hell no, i got no desire, therefore i don't desire food.
1: but if you don't desire food, then obviously you're desiring death, and that's another desire.
2: ....
by Chaos.Envoy September 26, 2009
the need to be seen, heard, touched by another; to crave; to create points of contact,thresholds, between two individuals either physically, through skin and flesh, or mentally, through memory.
she was overwhelmed by her desire for his touch.
by kristi-ji September 26, 2008
1. The name of a slut
2. The name of a hooker
3. The name of a bitch
4. The name of a fake girl
5. The name of the ugliest girl on earth
6. The name of the worst friend in history
7. The name of a person(s) that is an attention whore
8. The name of a girl who is a player
9. The name of a girl who lacks morals and integrity
10. The name of a liar
11.The name of a self-centred human being
12. The name of a person who is pretty on outside but ugly on the inside
That girl is such a Désiré for acting like she's something she's not.
by GaryVaynerchuk December 31, 2012
A girl who has beauty in her own way...

She makes the best of things.

She loves making things

Sometimes negative.

Very funny.

Some Desire's love attention.

But some Desire's don't..

Desires are Beautiful and Artistic and Love making people happy. She wants everyone to like her.
''Did You see Desire today she looked very beautiful today!''

"I don't like desire she only wants attention''

"Desire is always negative. She doubts her self all the time. But i believe in her"
by therealqueen1000 May 28, 2014
The name of a girl usually brunette. There are two types; 1. Who wants to be desired because she lacks self-esteem and then becomes an attention whore. 2. Who thinks too much of herself and is in love with herself. Also very self-centred. Also includes: Desiree, Desiria, Désire, Desiré, Desíre, Désiré, Désíré.
Him: Wow that girl has the most irritating hard laugh.
She: Indeed she is trying to bring attention to herself, I bet she is a Desire.

Guy: Wow this girl surely loves herself look at the sluty way she poses, must be a model or stripper.
Guy2: Yes she's looks like a desire alright.
by BlackDeathUK January 01, 2013
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