It's really all in the name. It's a girl who is extremely insecure and wants to be desired. This girl will usually want to be a model or anything that will make her more desirable to people. She wants to become a sex symbol to men and thus would probably model in a bikini or underwear. Nothing is beneath her. Not marriage material.
She: Wow look at her she is such an attention whore!
He: I believe you call it a Désiré
by UrbanDurban March 20, 2013
Top Definition
The cause of all suffering.
Under no circumstances should one fuse desire and expectation, as that leads to hope, which prolongs suffering.
by Killing Kittens March 27, 2005
A want or craving; a large, desperate feeling or need.
My desire to touch his body is overwhelming.
by Alicia Beezzy December 03, 2007
continuation of a fantasy, without desire there is no fascination and therefore no interest
What does your heart desire?
by nikolai21 December 30, 2005
The name of a girl (usually brunette) whom is slutty, insecure, spoilt, conceited, superficial, and attention-seeking.

She loves glitz & glamour, taking/editing photos of herself & caking on makeup.

She wants to be glorified, worshipped, famous, desired, adored & idolised. She wants men to want her & women to want to be her. She thinks fame will get her a guy & solve her low self-esteem & problems. Therefore this girl will try and become a model or actress.
Person1: What do you call a girl who wants to be desired, loves attention and puts on too much makeup?
Person2: That would be Désiré. All in all the worst kind of girl you could deal with.
by TheVendingMachineUSA April 30, 2013
Is the name of an inbred slave in China, she was much desired by black men as they bid for her big vagina.
I wish I could afford to bid on Désiré.
by thesoxter January 01, 2013
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