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When a woman has her labia majora surgically altered to her specification.

Woman usually do this if they have massive beef flaps or massive minge lips.

Other names include:-

Prada Pussy, Armani Punanni, Gucci Gash, Burberry Box, Mulberry Minge, Fendi Fanny, Versace Vag etc.......
My wife's gone off to get a designer vagina, her beef flaps were down to her knees!

I could swear she had massive minge lips, she must have gone and got herself a desginer vagina.

Happy Birthday darling!! I've bought you a Prada Pussy!
by The Master of Definitions February 29, 2008
sum proper safe fanny like
nice tight lips and everyting
Gage: you bro her lips were sagging like fuck
Moz: Man i only go for DV's now
Gage: wtf are DV's
Moz: Designer Vagina, theyre well nice bruv
by Moz99 December 02, 2008