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A person who has no life. Who thinks they are something they are not. Girls making them selves feel better by calling them selves sexy girl, or cute stuff. And guys thinking they are some Indian Actor, or thug, with names like gangster for life. They are living out lives, which they wish they had.
by Momo Montana October 08, 2003
1. dj_hero_hindustani
2. someone who's life completely revolves around and whose day is ruined when the site is down
"I think I need to be left alone, brought me into this world, it took me under their wing and taught me the true meaning if life, of macking, of friendships and enemies, of politics and a culture. It truly was one of my best friends."
by dj_hero_hindustani October 07, 2003
1. Desi-Planets charmers, like the king of charms Guju Banton
2. Someone who is known by all, such as Guju Banton
3. Somone whos entire life revolves around the Forums.
4. If you found this THAT MEANS YOU ARE ONE TOO.
by Baby9 October 08, 2003
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