A racist term. Desi : Indian :: Cholo : Hispanic The term is mostly used by Indians who don't want to assimilate to differentiate themselves from the mainstream people in whatever foreign country they've moved to.
We're all desi, and you are not. You are not Indian like us.
by YellowYam February 26, 2015
A person who over excessively uses coupons and likes to eat rotis.
He is such a desi.
by benches.123 June 02, 2011
a total jerk. usually has a large nose.
wow, i dont like desi.
because hes a jerk.
by someonewhoisverhonest December 11, 2011
one hot baller chick. any boy to treat any "desi" wrong is an idiot.
desi's are one of a kind. they will go far in life and always be faithful.
that boy was stupid for dumping that desi.
by britaney June 25, 2008
Female name. French for "desire". Short version of Desiree.
Hello. My name is Desi. No, not Debbie, Desi.
by Tweji June 18, 2009
Also often used as urban slang; a more ethnic term for brother or close friend.
It can be considered the Indian equivalent to the “inoffensive” version of the N-word.
yo desi.

wassup my desi?

my desi got mad connections.

you one crazy desi!

run desi run!
by tdh April 12, 2007
(Deh-Zee) San Francisco Bay Area term for Desert Eagle.
"got tha desi under tha white tee"
by J.Peezy October 15, 2006

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