Comes from the Sanskrit "des" or "desh" meaning "country." In South Asia, it is used to refer to something that is done the Indian way -- it can mean "traditional" or, in a pejorative way, "rustic." South Asians abroad use it to refer to anything South Asian, i.e. Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.
Indian-American: I met a couple of desi guys last night.

Indian in India: You want air conditioning so bad? Have it the desi way -- fan yourself with this paper.
by Gummmm August 07, 2008
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Word derived from Sanskrit. Means "one from our country"; a national opposed to a foreign. Usually refers to people from India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh.

For Indians/Pakistanis/Bengalis abroad, it has become a term that mainly identifies another fellow Indian/Pakistani/Bengali
Yo that guy must be desi, he's brown and hes speaking punjabi!
by Anand March 26, 2005
A term referring to something or someone who is from the Indian subcontinent. The Indian subcontinent is comprised of the following major countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Maldives.

Plural form: desis.

This term comes from the word Desh/Des from the Hindi language meaning country or homeland. The term "desi" originally has historical roots from the Sanskrit word "Deshah," which also means country or homeland.
“I saw two hot desis at the party last Friday!”
by Victor D. Patel April 23, 2006
One of origin from around the India sub contenent including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.
That Desi guy has been getting on my nerves lately!
by Dr. Twist March 27, 2005
a term describing bangladeshi/pakistani/indian person
hoi hoi check out that desi gyal..shonduri
by bengalikingpin February 14, 2006
A racist term. Desi : Indian :: Cholo : Hispanic The term is mostly used by Indians who don't want to assimilate to differentiate themselves from the mainstream people in whatever foreign country they've moved to.
We're all desi, and you are not. You are not Indian like us.
by YellowYam February 26, 2015
Peope from the Indian Subcontinent and its diaspora around the world.
Countries with Desis include: India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, USA, European continent, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad, Fiji, Uganda, Canada, Parts of Afganistan, Brazil, U.A.E and many more.
Desi is the newest term for South Asians, the name for South Asians before British Raj was Hindustani, Hindustani was used since the ancient times started by the Persians.
Boy - Hey you look South Asian you must be Desi!
Girl - Yeah
by wehokid May 11, 2011

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