deshi in other terms is the same as desi but pronouced somethimes deshi by it means desi which referrs to bangladeshis,indians,pakistani and sri lankin this is it..
BIG UP MY TRUE DESI....Bangladeshi,pakistani n indians
by SAAa May 27, 2006
Top Definition
Deshi is a Japanese word, but it is also used in English. Often, people define deshi as a student, but that does not truly encompass the true meaning of deshi. Deshi means a disciple, a reverent follower, an apprentice, the disciple of the sensei (master). An uchideshi has a far stronger and more personal mentor-protege relationship with the sensei.
Sen-shi was the youngest uchideshi at the dojo: his hard work, great respect for his sensei, and his honor had earned him this position.
by JunoMoneta December 02, 2009
Nobody really knows what it means, it's just a random insult really.
'You're such a deshi, man!'

'Dude...what's a deshi?'

'...I'm not really sure man, no-one really knows.'
by mollifer October 20, 2008

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