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1. To engage in an activity in an extremely slow, un-enthusiastic and annoying manner.

2. To dive a route like you are savoring every last bit of the experience and not paying attention to details.

3. To drive a vehicle at a speed where if there was an accident no one or nothing would be damaged.
4. A Slow long lived Geriatric Gang Bang!
1. Guy1: "Hey why don't you overtake that dickhead?"

Guy2: " I would but the road is poor and there are multiple cars in desert caravan"

Guy1: "Soft"

Guy2: "No Desert Caravan"

2. Guy1: "Man that was a big smorgasbord dinner"

Guy2: "Yeah I'll say. How about we desert caravan the way home"

Guy1: "Already engaged"

Guy2: " Ha ha"
3. Girl1: "My god my arse is sore!"

Guy1: "Well we did have a baseball bat in your klacka to take up the slack during the desert caravan?"

Girl1: "Ha ha yeah it went for so long I forgot about that!"

Guy1 Girl2: "Ha ha you dirty whore!"
by mooroobool November 13, 2013
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