Ever wanted to live in a city where you feel insignificant and significant at the same time?

Ever wanted to live in a city where people aren't exactly arrogant and condescending specifically towards you but rather everyone?

Ever wanted to live in a city where nothing happens?

Well, this city is just for you.
Guy 1: "Dude, I gotta go back to Des Moines this weekend."

Guy 2: "Good luck, let's hope you don't die of bordem."
by promeaire February 03, 2013
OK Ok Des Moines is that Dirty Money Island floating in tha middle of the country. All we do is stack paper literally. Its dat Young Paper it be so fresh. Everyone has 515 on their backs all day err day. Look out for some hip hop revolutions rising out DMI. And we like green too.
two people from Des Moines (Dirty Money Island):
what it be like

yo lets get ham
by Lil' BucKy May 18, 2010
A city thats on one side strait hood, and on the other, strait fucked up with rich people...
West des moines citizen: Would you like to go to west des moines?

East des moines citizen: Fuck no nigga that side of town is PREP im goin back ta the E!
by TruDef April 30, 2005
A place that you move to because your girlfriend got a job there and you would go to the ends of the earth to follow her cause you are so whipped.
Jeff moved to Des Moines to be with his girlfriend, Sue, because he is a whipped little pussy.
by Andy March 14, 2005
The most populous city in the State of Iowa. Also probably the most gayest city in the country since people from Des Moines tend to think their city is as big as Chicago or New York even though the population of Des Moines is only at 197,000. People from Des Moines also tend to think that their city as alot of gang rivalies and violence and ghetto hoods just like Los Angeles or Chicago, however in fact the shady or these "ghetto" areas of Des Moines mostly resemble suburbs of large metro areas like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. In fact Des Moines murder rate is only at 1 per year. A city that is also so small that it takes only 10 minutes to drive through the entire city. Des Moines is not really known worldly or throughout the country for much of anything. Probably the most boring city you'd ever visit with "skycrapers" that (the tallest) is only 400ft tall. Des Moines is a place you go to only if you have to and still you don't want to go there.
guy1:"Dang, I gots go to Des Moines fo tha wekend"

guy2:"Wat be Des Moines?"

guy1:"a borin azz city n Iowa"

guy2:"all citys n Iowa r borin"

by chicity87 May 01, 2012
on the west side, you have rich high schools kids and parents with good jobs downtown, most of the rich kids like to go "clubbing" in "clubs" on the west side, otherwise they just drive around in thier jettas and mazdas that thier parents bought and they put window tint and walmart subs in. they are generally so bored that they sit around and call everyone they know trying to figure what to do.
south side: straight up gangsta. mostly made of black people, in low-income housing, and sometimes the occasional wigger that moves there to have fun i guess
east side: eh, no one goes to the east side, strange place
north side: eh, no one goes to the east side, strange place

west des moiner: "hey man, lets go chill downtown and catch some bitches, cuz the bitchez in west des moines are too uptight and bitchy to go out wit us. lets roll in yo jetta dog, blast the subs."
South sider: "shit nigga, that fucker was all up in the heezy and i shot his ass... da fuckin cops showzed up and i fauckin shot doz bitchez too."
by Momper August 11, 2006
gutwrench and sorrow. the home of the world's fattest and ugliest people.
And that, Billy, is why the first word in Des Moines is pronounced Duh.
by Bob Wondernut March 25, 2005

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