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A place located in southern New Hampshire, about 34 miles away from Hampton, the ghetto town where all of southern New Hampshire pot is dealed. Thus, derry gets a lot of hampton's shit. Over the summer months, skaters lurk around Derry, and constantly get attacked by cops, as there is one tiny skate park in derry, where old drunk people go, as well as high drug dealers come to smoke tree, and jump people to steal their iPods and shit. Since you can't really skate there, they end up skating around town.

People always bitch and complain about how they want to “leave this shitty town” when they never actually attempt to do so.

The main places to hang out are: Macgregor park, Taco Bell, Shaws, the now non existent trail behind McDonalds, McDonalds, Derry Skate Park, and Wendy's.

The town says that Derry is a “beautiful place” when in reality its a shit hole. Seriously, you can't go five minutes without seeing a “beautiful Derry” sign.

All of the “special events” in Derry are all either family orientated, or all about going to church.

There is also a guy named Tim, who walks around town even in the cold, and is known by many teens as “Limpy”. He tells people he shot himself in the leg along with many other crazy stories which probably 90% of them are not true. You will always see him smoking something. And eventually, you just want him to leave you the fuck alone.

The only high school in Derry is Pinkerton Academy, which freshman's are hated, bomb threats go on all the time, fights just about everyday, lots of drama, and a Police Guy name Togi who can run way faster than you. Pinkerton's rival team is Londonderry. (Also known as Luck Fondonderry.).

West Running Brook Middle School, (also known as West) is a school that is known to have lots of racist people, rude teachers, and lots of druggies. And almost all of the students wish they went to Hood.

Gilbert H. Hood Middle School, (also known as Hood) is a place that derry kids learn how to swear, smoke in the bathrooms, constantly write on bathroom walls even though you could "get suspended for two days" by doing so, and pretty much don't learn anything.

In conclusion, Derry is a sucky ass place to live. If you are thinking about moving somewhere near Derry, move somewhere else.
"Man, Derry sucks."
"Lets go smoke weed at the crack shack."
"Fuck, the trails gone."
"Some druggie stole my iPod."
"Let's smoke some weed somewhere in shiity ass derry!"
"Shit man, it's the pigs."
by Eli & Elmoo August 22, 2009
a town located in new hampshire which is ghetto comenly referded to as derrytroit to the gansta locals
should i walk the streets of derry, naw nvm its too ghetto i would never just walk in derrytriot alone by myself
by parkilya October 07, 2003
A shortened version of the name Dermot.
There goes Derry with his father Dermot Sr.
by demented-bunny August 05, 2009
A shithole in Northern Ireland (not REAL Ireland). The people are really unfriendly and the ightlife is shit, they're a bunch of lightweights.
went out in derry last night, what a let down..
by Kelly16 May 20, 2007
S**thole City, and County, in Northern Ireland. Known as Londonderry by Unionists.
Look at that Derry wan calling us Tyrone People pussies.
by Desigol May 27, 2005
Fictional City in Northern Ireland. Actually called Londonderry.
I looked up 'derry' in the atlas, but it wasn't in it!!
by jonny earl October 05, 2007

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