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a spectacular guitarist and personal fave and the cutest smile in the history of rock!!!...just don't tell him that he'll get all egotistical
flesh into gear myself appears disected and pretentious...genius,sheer genius i tell you!
by key key March 18, 2004
very awesome singer/guitarist for cky, one of the best bands ever. has a great voice and is also hot
all must worship deron miller
by holliver twist March 10, 2004
sex god. a hero. very talented man.
sssoooo hot, want to touch the hiney!
by megan June 18, 2004
Plays guitar and vox in CKY.
"To whoever is thowing ice on the stage...If I find out who it is, I'll fuckin' slice their throat open."-Deron
by Lindsey February 13, 2004
Preforms Guitar & Vocals for the band CKY
by Alliance For Life July 17, 2003
Deron Miller, lead singer of CKY, superb voice, uses parker fly guitars.
good shot man but dont do that again- Deron Miller.
by cky fan4life October 03, 2005
He is a very talented singer and guitarrist, he is part of the band CKY, which is an amazing band, He is a cutie as well
Deron Miller is God
by Tina August 06, 2003
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