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a term used to describe a cigarette.
I just smoked nine derms, now I'm going to smoke another five.
by Julian L July 09, 2007
9 23
One who is almighty and great in every way, shape, and/or form. To be anywhere in his presence is such an honor that only a chosen few are allowed to do. Derm is also one that works well with O'Meany. Together they form a team that Gerlach can never destroy.
-"Hey man, did you see Derm over there?" "No, he wouldn't let me look at him."

-"Derm, I will destroy your face."
by dermmmmmm November 06, 2011
10 2
A term for a fail sause warrior.
Shit did you see that newb derms.
by Boris Greasyham May 22, 2008
8 2
A bullshit word used in the popular scrabble rip off "words with friends." Used in desperation against domination.
LZ laid down a sweet "vengeance," to which Jonny Boy responded with a halfassed derms.
by hauntedbyprince December 07, 2012
2 0
interjection. similar to day-um. Usually used to express happiness or shock, but can be used to express frustration.
The girl saw the hot guy and said "Derm! He is so fine!"
by sharker17 February 18, 2009
10 8