Someone who like to play chicken with cars, but ends up getting dusted by them in the end.
Derek don't jay walk!... ahh Fuck.
#cars #trucks #ambulance #fire truck #retard
by Bob12345h April 27, 2012
Top Definition
Someone you CANNOT get off your mind because he is always so funny and cute. A Derek is a hotty with a killer body.
Suzie: ahh man! look at him,.. hes such a Derek!!
Izzle: O my gosh! I can never stop thinking about him, hes such a Derek!
Marisa: I LOVE HIM!
#hot #cute #funny #nice #talkative
by Shitaco December 14, 2007
Derek is a male name of English and Old German origin, possibly derived from Theodoric, meaning power of the tribe or ruler of the people. To the best of my knowledge,it began being used near the beginning of the 20th Century,but may have been used before that.
My name actually is Derek.

Person: Derek is really tall...

Another Person: Yeah,and he likes to break things.
#pothead #ninja #bah! #manly #white
by Lostboy6634 April 30, 2007
One sexy Lad with i smoken hott bod; Built like a Diesel pickup with sex appeal that makes the femals drip; Amazing in bed with a rather large sex rod; Most likely to become a ninja trained to kill whan older
Holy Buckets...Derek is one Hott son of a Gun
#derek #hott #built #sex appeal #diesel
by popanob February 01, 2009
The sweetest, kindest, most beautiful and intelligent boy that walks the earth.
Why can't I ever find a Derek?
#awesome #cool #amazing #best guy #wonderful
by k8o February 02, 2010
amazingly awesome at everything. Derek is a symbol or being who simply is the best one can possibly be. he once said "so i ask dem, you want ice cream cone? bof of dem say yes! how in de hell?"
He is so good at life that he looks like Derek.
#amazing #balla #pwnalldanoobs #real #domination
by Sam Schulte February 05, 2007
Most amazing, sweet, and understanding guy you will ever know, loved by many, an amazing kisser, and his silliness will pull you in along with his eyes. Keep an eye on this boy because he will stay by your side unless you push him away. He is adventurous and outgoing which helps him keep his body in amazing shape.
Girl 1 : Did you see that guy?
Girl 2: Yuuup I heard he was a Derek, which you know all the girls will be all over him.
#derek #boy #amazing #him #sweet
by a.r.g1234 October 11, 2011
Tons of pure awesome rolled into one tasty long hominid. A really cool person. Very smart, talented, funny guy who saves your ass on a daily basis then plays a round of Modern Warfare. All in the same day. Usually geeky. Always nice. Rock star in the sack. Leaps tall buildings in a single bound. Eats plants, animals and Pizza Rolls.
Girl A to girl B: Wow, who was that nice guy who drained your butt abscess today?

Girl B: I KNOW, wasn't he? Plus he was funny and OMG, he actually dx my problem correctly. I can't believe I've been to see so many others over the past 4 weeks and nobody figured it out. My butt cheek feels so much better now. I can finally sit again. What a ninja....he's such a Derek.
#cool #dereck #hot #geek #smart
by butt'sallbetter February 07, 2010
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