A sub-genre of Black Metal dedicated to ripping of Burzum.
Hey dude, this record by the Depressive Black Metal band Xasthur sounds just like Burzum.

Yeah. They all do.
by Mymotherisafish January 15, 2010
Top Definition
A sub genre of the black metal art, where the music plays a very dark, almost depressing atmosphere that gives you the gloomy, sad impression on life, depressing you with the desperate cry of haunted screams, to the slow, suicidal vibe of guitars. Good examples of depressive black metal are Nocturnal Depression, Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Xasthur, and Shining.
Nocturnal Depression's "Soundtrack To A Suicide" is a very bleak, depressive black metal album.
by Teeler February 02, 2008
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