A really really fucked up mental illness/ mental disorder, usually accompanied by anxiety disorder which causes a person to have an uncontrollable paranoia. Depression is a lack of hormones and imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Depression makes a person weak, lazy, and very very pessimist. This shit should not be underestimated, It drains all your energy and your vision of your life.

Common Myths/ Misconception:

Depression can be cured through will and positive thinking
Depression is only in your brain, it is not a mental illness go to a bar have sex then you will be cured.
Depression is just an excuse for being lazy

MAJOR BULLSHIT! Depression is an actual MENTAL ILLNESS.
Because of depression Dave never go to a party.
Because of depression Alfred didn't apply for a job.
by oldemberg February 07, 2014
An empty hole that someone is trapped in. It's like a void, empty, dark, ect.
Depression is horrible and I do not wish it upon anyone.
by AntiCaesar May 27, 2016
We are not emos, nor are we goth, or weird little geeks. We can be anyone. From the shy girl with the black hoodie and piercings to the popular girl with the pink north face Jacket and earrings.

Depression is not a disease or sickness. Its a state of being. Its who we are. It's not the black clothes and piercings.
Its not your social life nor is it your shyness.
Its not those sleepless nights or your stress eating.

You cannot be told by a doctor that you have depression. They probably don't know what it actually is. They probably never even went through it.

Depression is what it is to the person who has it. Everyone is different. We all cope with it differently to. Some don't sleep, some stress eat, some cut and on extreme occasions we commit suicide.

Don't judge us. We are who we are.

Depression is not a sickness or disease.
by MoonThiefRM May 15, 2016
The feeling of drowning, while everyone around you is breathing.
Depression is real. Don't hurt depressed people. Just cuddle with them. Make them feel loved.
by Steve5214 June 25, 2016
Depression is when you are sad to the point where you don't want to get fixed. But with most cases it's not only sadness people with depression suffer from it also self loathing, tiredness, anxous, there's a lot of feelings that comes with being depressed not just sadness. People need to understand that.
The man had severe depression making him isolated
by Dan trash #2 April 17, 2016
The word depression is a strong word it’s like a darkness a cold alone feeling that takes forever to get over. You just want to be the way you feel, you want to be alone. You can’t understand that the world is a hard place to be if you don’t surround yourself with the right people… Being put down by yourself and by others hurts so much so when you find someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated you don’t know what to do..After a while you get anxious and you just get worse the darkness gets darker… You shut yourself out you have no idea why you put yourself through it all and you get scared of leaving your bedroom and if you do it’s for the shortest amounts of time that you can.You feel like there’s no one to turn too.. You distrust your beliefs and go down a dark hole and find it’s a really deep hole that you have to fight to get out of the spot you’re in… But the more you try the darker the hole gets because you’re scared to let the fear come back into your life but being scared of fear coming into your life you make it worse. The darkness has taken over everything. Your grades, your social life, your friends, and even your family. You feel like there's no way out... You're alone in the world..
In a deep depression.
by M.Grass125 January 25, 2016
A terrible, terrible disorder that constantly feels like a gray cloud of sadness following you everywhere. There are some days when you'll feel a tsunami of sadness and depression is drowning you. Depression can sometimes lead to self-harm or suicidal thoughts and even sometimes you can develop an eating disorder. It's like drowning except you can see everyone around you breathing. If you constantly feel sad, not wanting to do anything but stay in your bed all day, if you have had suicidal thoughts or considered self-harm in any way, please seek help. You may think it's nothing but it is. Every 40 seconds someone attempts suicide caused from depression. Promise me it won't be you? **And to the assholes who joke around it and make fun of people with depression or any other mental disorder, FUCK OFF YOU DOUCHE BAG!! Remember, you can do this. You matter and you are beautiful.
Depression is not when you feel sad for only a day and then you're happy for the rest of the days, depression is a serious disorder that doctors give medicine out for. If you ever feel depressed and feel like you may hurt yourself, the suicide hotline in the United States is 1 (800) 273-8255. I am also here for you guys, my kik is SadButRad20. Stay strong, loves. <3
by WhySoBlue_ November 06, 2015
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