The feeling where you are drowning and watching people above you with life vests on.
The feeling where you think you're useless to the world and the people around you
The feeling of not being good enough
The feeling of being insecure about who you are
The feeling of feeling useless
The feeling where there is nothing inside your soul, and it's just empty.
The feeling of not wanting to live in the hell you are forced to live in
The feeling of wanting to end your life.
Person 1: dude, what's wrong with you?
Depressed person: nothing
Person 1: I know there is something wrong
Depressed person: dude, I'm just tired.
Person 1: just tell me.
Depressed person: depression
Person 1: I know what that feels like.....
Depressed person: no you don't. You know what depression feels like? Not being good enough, feeling useless and worthless, and wanting to end your life. Did that answer your question
by Nobody here March 14, 2015
when all the air is sucked out of your lungs in one moment
and as you try to gasp for air, depression pulls you back under.
"whats depression like"

"It's like drowning, and you're screaming at the people who walk past you, but they don't even realize that you're slowly dying."

"so pretty dark, yeah?"
by - bashful February 08, 2015
To feel alone and empty. Like your in a black hole.
I have horrid depression I just want to lay here and die.
by Muggy09 November 30, 2014
Everyone around you is breathing so easily, and you sit alone gasping for air. No one bothers to check if you need help because why would you? why would anyone need help with all this air? And you keep on choking and gasping watching everyone breathing easily.
person1:Do you think there is something wrong with her? like depression maybe?
person 2:Why would there be? Life is so good!
by malkele August 22, 2014
Being tired.
Tired of listening
Tired of talking
Tired of socializing

Tired of eating
Tired of working
Tired of moving
Tired of crushes
Tired of friendships
Tired of reading
Tired of school
Tired of walking
Tired of breathing

Tired of living.
Yeah, Just being tired
Stranger: What does depression feel like?

Stranger: It feels like your drowning, But you can see everyone else around you breathing
by Dancingdicks June 27, 2014
Depression is a mental disorder, that isn't taken seriously. It's like having your head held under clear water. You're drowning, but you can see everyone else breathing. You're dying slowly, while everyone else lives. It's common in teenagers.
Do you really need an example of depression?
by Wxrthless_soul February 20, 2014
A really really fucked up mental illness/ mental disorder, usually accompanied by anxiety disorder which causes a person to have an uncontrollable paranoia. Depression is a lack of hormones and imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Depression makes a person weak, lazy, and very very pessimist. This shit should not be underestimated, It drains all your energy and your vision of your life.

Common Myths/ Misconception:

Depression can be cured through will and positive thinking
Depression is only in your brain, it is not a mental illness go to a bar have sex then you will be cured.
Depression is just an excuse for being lazy

MAJOR BULLSHIT! Depression is an actual MENTAL ILLNESS.
Because of depression Dave never go to a party.
Because of depression Alfred didn't apply for a job.
by oldemberg February 07, 2014

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