The state of mind in which an individual might feel alone, helpless, inadequate, trapped, severely upset or rejected. Depression may also be accompanied by some form of self harm. Someone with depression may find it hard to talk about their feelings, even with their closest companions and family members, therefore they will put on a 'happy face' to mask their true feelings. Depression is usually first diagnosed after a traumatic event, such as a death of a loved one, or after a long period of holding in feelings.
Depression Poem

Light has gone away
Darkness fills me every day
Nothing more to say.
Today is the day
I put my plan into play
Do not want to stay.
I wake up in tears
Filled with a new set of fears
Angry, and still here.
by personised November 24, 2011
Depression is a word commonly associated with emotions that encourage it. Commonly, depression is used to describe the aftermath or late symptom of something, like death in the family. For some reason, depression induces more of what the depression came from in the first place. In example, if someone developed depression from guilt, chances are depression will make them feel more guilty than they were before.
Assume that you got someone fired from a job they really needed. At first, you'd just feel guilty. Over time it may heal up, but for some reason, at some point or another something will rear the guilt back up. Only the guilt will have gained enough strength to induce depression as a resulting symptom to guilt.
by Loran77772 November 08, 2008
*make sure you understand that everyone suffers from depression in different ways.*

I like to classify it into two cattegories
either caused by trauma
or embeded into your chemical make-up and hereditory

usually depression caused by trauma will go away sometime, depending on how badly traumatized the person was.

usually when depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain, it will never really go away. it will stay with you for the rest of your life, but can be treated by anti-depressants so you barely notice it if youre on a good one!

both are awful things to deal with.

with a case of depression, one can see some sort of doctor and the doctor will or will not perscribe a medication such as prozac depending on what he/she thinks.
human1: i am taking prozac because of my depression.
human2: right on!

man1: omg im so depressed today
man2: why
man1: man cause i got a bad haircut
man2: dude.youre not depressed..
by sarahkitchensownz May 07, 2007
When the world has nothing to offer you, and you have nothing to offer the world.
You are trapped in your own mind and no one can understand or help: you have depression. :'(
by ThePainterofMen0o1 February 10, 2013
Whether everything is wrong, or nothing is wrong you still just don't see a point in trying anymore and making an effort to even move is too much work and you just don't see a point in anything anymore and you can't control it and you just feel so awful all the time and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it and the worst part is that it never goes away. Even when you're having the best day of your life, it's still just lingering there in the back of your mind.
I'm so upset, it's like the depression is taking over me.
by katweenahh November 05, 2012
Depression is like drowning, except you can see everyone around you.
Depression is like screaming for help, but nobody hears or cares.
Depression is like a monster that will sneak up on you and swallow you whole.
I suffer depression, and I will fight for my life until either I or the monster consuming me wins.
by LittleMissSixx August 18, 2013
That feeling you get when nothing is right. Where your always sad, or you cant find any reason to live. When you walk around in public with a fake smile and a positive attitude. When you can save everyone but yourself. You feel alone, helpless, and abandoned. You feel like nobody loves you anymore- and you have nobody to talk to you. You feel so alone and scared- you want to give up. But you cant. Your losing losing your mind- your faith. Your falling from grace, and your just all over the place. There's nobody to talk to and nobody to run to. Your lost inside and want to give up.
Sad people that fake a smile everyday are usually suffering depression.
by KJo990 November 11, 2012

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