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excuse me Mr.First person published on this page YOU ARE WRONG. Not to pooh pooh your idea of "depression" but what you've described sounds a fuck of a lot like emo.
being depressed dont mean you wear black 24/7 or necissarily that you slit your wrists. theres lots of types of depression, bi-polar, clinical etc. depression is a mental illness, dont treat ppl with it like they're bloody tryhard attentions seekers, thats what the world has emos for=D give depr. people a break, coz you wont be helping their cause.
by lemmie June 22, 2006
When you dont feel like your former self, the biggest burden you have to carry in life is your life. The last thoughts of happiness in your life seem so distant that you dont recognize the person you once were. You want your life to end but sometimes putting in that effort to end it seems impossible. We are trapped underneath the weight of our failures, where we feel we deserve to be.
Depression is When you want to be happy but the tears running down your face and the burning inside your heart are to much to live with, you feel as if your nothing more then a vessel wondering an empty world where noone can see you and the thought of dying is the best you can possible have.
by Bertie92 May 07, 2011
The sensation of falling off the Golden Gate Bridge every single day.

...I sincerely pray that I never wake up to find myself doing it in real life...

Have you ever noticed that 'depression' and 'drown' begin with the same letter?

Depression can open your eyes in frightening ways.
by Laurence7 March 07, 2009
Being smothered by sadness, with no good reason to feel that way. Kind of like you live underneath a pile of crap, that's the best I can describe it. Things just can't make you happy anymore.
Yeah, depression is a bitch.
by somebodysbaby January 04, 2011
When you've felt like the world has been against you for so long, that you've become numb to everything.
It's not a joke.
.... *that silence of depression*
by ImSmilingInside<3 March 23, 2012
The state of mind in which an individual might feel alone, helpless, inadequate, trapped, severely upset or rejected. Depression may also be accompanied by some form of self harm. Someone with depression may find it hard to talk about their feelings, even with their closest companions and family members, therefore they will put on a 'happy face' to mask their true feelings. Depression is usually first diagnosed after a traumatic event, such as a death of a loved one, or after a long period of holding in feelings.
Depression Poem

Light has gone away
Darkness fills me every day
Nothing more to say.
Today is the day
I put my plan into play
Do not want to stay.
I wake up in tears
Filled with a new set of fears
Angry, and still here.
by personised November 24, 2011
Depression is a word commonly associated with emotions that encourage it. Commonly, depression is used to describe the aftermath or late symptom of something, like death in the family. For some reason, depression induces more of what the depression came from in the first place. In example, if someone developed depression from guilt, chances are depression will make them feel more guilty than they were before.
Assume that you got someone fired from a job they really needed. At first, you'd just feel guilty. Over time it may heal up, but for some reason, at some point or another something will rear the guilt back up. Only the guilt will have gained enough strength to induce depression as a resulting symptom to guilt.
by Loran77772 November 08, 2008