the hell that just wont end, like a permanent horror movie of bad emotion, the shittiest feelings that you can feel for weeks, months, years on end. the world might as well be hell for what it is giving you, no wonder 15% of people with major depression commit suicide, you already feel dead...
i have depression, and it is hell
by jhl February 02, 2007
a psyhcological state where you feel like shit, sometimes it's not much, other times you just want to die, anything can trigger depression in some people, me being one of them
"Chris got so depressed that he blew his brains out to stop the pain"
by cough* December 01, 2004
Everlasting hell, continue seeing dr. after dr.
I wish my depression would go away.
by Saints September 24, 2003
depression is when you become interested in nothing and the only thing that doesn't hurt is when you are hurting
the knife is painless but life hurts like a bitch
by sam February 18, 2005
a feeling of the world turning its back against you. No one to turn to but the bottle of alcohol to your left and the crackpipe to your right. Getting into your car and driving at 100 m/hr with nothing to fear but living another day in misery. Why wont it end. why?
i dont feel like going outside today depression just seems to follow me
by Shundelle April 01, 2008
At first, it makes you feel human because of the intensity, ferocity, and authenticity of the emotion.

Then, every day is another reason to never want to wake up
A wise man knows that he knows nothing

A mature man knows that he can be immature

A man suffering from depression feels nothing, which is the most intense feeling one can experience
by Jawnasaurus May 02, 2007
When the whole world is one giant inside joke that you're not a part of.
by Interactive November 06, 2009

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