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One of the many side effects of being a teenager.

See also, bipolar disorder.
Teenager A: I have chronic depression.
Teenager B: It's because you are a teenager. You'll be happy tomorrow, no worries.
by Car-o-line October 11, 2005
Book Definition: A psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, anhedonia, feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, and thoughts of death.

My Definition:
The reason that "emo" kids give for when they cry for attention...they slit their wrists...and the reason they cry and write broken hearted poems...
Matt, you're so emo...go write your brokeness down on a tear and blood stained piece of paper and give it to that one bitch...she's the reason for your so called "depression".
by Nykole March 08, 2006
the scientific and academic way of saying :"I haven't achieved anything in life, and turned out to be an average Joe, therefore, at least i can have this label for my misery."
My boss and everyone in my life is being an asshole and i am having adepression as i have neither the strength nor the power to be myself...
by Neslihan October 20, 2005
Turn off Bright Eyes and stop moping on your LiveJournal. At least you're not in a third-world country where your life would actually suck.
"Wah, my parents hate me. I'm going to complain about it in my LiveJournal using the $1200 laptop they bought me."
by Oplem June 06, 2005
Everyone around you is breathing so easily, and you sit alone gasping for air. No one bothers to check if you need help because why would you? why would anyone need help with all this air? And you keep on choking and gasping watching everyone breathing easily.
person1:Do you think there is something wrong with her? like depression maybe?
person 2:Why would there be? Life is so good!
by malkele August 22, 2014