Ok. Here’s a brief description of the presidents from the beginning of the depression until the beginning of World War two.

So, at the beginning of the depression in October of 1929, you got Hoover in office. At first, everyone thinks its just another depression, that happen every so often. At that point, no one had any idea how bad it would be. Hoover believed in the concept of “rugged individualism” where basically, he disagreed with socialism/communism (more basically, he was conservative). So he started out with no special programs, as any president would have done (including FDR) in his position. He started out with encouragement towards business management, then when everyone started to realize it was bad, he started to move towards more drastic measures, such as his lowering of mortgage rates and the government buying crops from farmers. The only time that people realized the actual issue the nation was facing was at the end of his presidency, which is when he came up with his plan that he would have used had he been reelected. Well, he wasn’t. So, after FDR took office, he went to him and showed him his plan. FDR went and used it as if it were his own idea. His “New Deal” was an edited (edited for the worse, more towards socialism) version of the plan that Hoover had shown him. The thing is, the New Deal didn’t do much. It was somewhat successful in helping the economy, but not all that much more than that of what Hoover had done (that is if you consider that FDR could have done a lot more in office because he had been in during the depression for much longer, so you have to look at how much they did proportional to how long they were in). His New Deal was all good and fine, but if you look at the charts (trust me, I have), you see that World War Two was the major contributor to the economic recovery. You see that starting in 1942, there was a dramatic increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This was completely a result of America’s well known success at times of war. The American economy always performs better and more efficiently during times of war, as it did in WWII and took us out of The Great Depression.

Ok, so this is basically FDR's contribution: He didn’t do all that much, WWII did all everyone though that he did. All the good he did do, was because Hoover told him what to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read what took me a somewhat considerable amount of time, long enough for me to do it in Word so I wouldn’t lose it by accident if some stupid shit happened.

Well that took a long time to write, a longer amount of time than how long FDR had to think about whether or not he should take Hoover's idea.

Take a look at some of my other definitions biatch.
by Urban Dictionary January 19, 2006
Depression, in of itself is bullshit and don't ever think otherwise. If you find yourself "depressed" take 10 minutes, survey your life and find out why you feel that way. Don't simply give into it like a coward.

I'm going to tell you some truth right now. If you're depressed, you're choosing to be depressed. You're choosing to surround yourself with piss poor people and ideals. That is your fault, and can easily be changed.

Self abuse is also bullshit. I've been depressed, but it never once occurred to me to turn on a Linkin Park song and slice meaty parts of my body. You know why? It's dumb. It's pointless. Nothing will come of it and you'll feel more depressed and as a result, you will become that much more pathetic.

I'm not trying to offend people that claim they're depressed. I'm trying to tell you the truth. Depression is only as strong as you make it. If you believe you'll be depressed for your entire life, I guarantee you that you'll find a way to be depressed.

Suicide isn't the answer either. It shouldn't be an option. No one wants to be remembered as the person that off'd themselves.

Don't kill yourself. Don't fucking cut yourself. Destroy your Linkin Park CDs. Stop listening to dubstep. Stop playing Call of Duty. Quit hanging out with fat Asian girls and get out in the world.

Ask yourself this. Are you simply another statistic? Are you weak? Do you feel like giving up without fighting? No, of course not. If you did, you wouldn't be reading this.
20-something male: Oh man. My girl left me, I have no job and I live with my parents. I'm gonna kill myself.

15-ish female: Oh dear. My boyfriend left me and I'm failing my classes at school. I weigh too much and no one loves me. I'm gonna kill myself.

by Dynamite Red June 16, 2012
A. medical condition, characterized by feeling sad, hopeless, unwanted, unworthy...
B. part of everyones life.
john suffered from depression after break up with his girlfriend of two years.
by bigT November 10, 2004
A place you go to when you realize that life really isn't that great.
-Family member dies. = Depression
-Pet dies. = Depression
-Best friend betrays you. = Depression
-Income tax. = Depression
-Losing to a full house while flushing. = Depression
-"Sorry sir, we don't have anymore tomatoes". = Depression
-"Perfect girl" reveals her true self. = Depression
-Keg has just been kicked. = Depression
-You're hungry, but you're broke. = Depression
-There is a cannabis drought. = Depression
-Monday. If you work 9-5, 5 days a week. = Depression
-Sunday night. If you work 9-5, 5 days a week. = Depression
-Whatever happens after you graduate from college. = Depression
-Credit Card. = Depression (after a while)
-4:30am and you just ran out of beer. = Depression
by dep dawg June 21, 2009
Someone who is depressed. These individuals asks for advice and then turns around and does the complete opposite..then blames you for not helping when you tried to help and goes the total opposite way. Also they complains about everyyyyyy single thing! They also complains about not having enough money but turns around and spends money on pointless things. They are also downers.
I need help I have depression
by jndw July 08, 2011
1. The feeling of being dead/empty inside with nowhere to turn. Generally caused by one of the opposite sex.
2. What I'm going through right now using the above reason.
Tastyhamsandwich was really depress about loving the girl so much, yet not being able to be with her...
by tastyhamsandwich February 29, 2004

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