when its dark enough to see the stars...
"i am depressed, but no one cares."
by xemptyx November 18, 2004
Depression is the feeling you get deep down inside when you hear the music of Justin Beiber, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato, Miley Cyrus, Big Time Rush, and other very popular singers who most people think are good but SUCK!!
Stages Of Depression:

Normal Person- :D
Belieber- OMG!!! BABY BABY BABY EWWWWW!!!!!!
Normal Person- :(
Normal Person- :'C
Lovatics- SHES SO STRONG!! like a....SKYSCRAPPER (sob)
Normal Person- :l
Selenator- shes a singing wizard..WITH A PLAN... I LOVE HER LIKE A LOVE SONG!!!
Normal Person- >:|
Normal Person- D:<
Normal Person- ITS TO MUCH!!*BOOM* Xl
by PersonWhoHatesBadSingers :) July 05, 2012
S**t won't come out .
Mike is having depression on Tony's toilet
by A tea bag January 27, 2014
The point where you realize that all the differing opinions and thoughts of individuals are pointless and only make the world more muddled; The feeling you get when you find that having an open mind doesn't work all of the time; Realizing that people on the internet and IRL are complete retards and the likelihood of meeting a genuine person is very low.
People need to realize that stereotypes like Emo and Cynic and Idealist are fucking stupid and that they need to get over their overpowering need to classify things for the greater good. Depression is a natural human emotion, so stop devaluing things that matter (unless you want to be a goddamn automaton).
by SadDino March 06, 2011
A medical condition that turns into so much of a loser that you end up looking up "depression" on Urban Dictionary on a Saturday night.
From day one I talked about getting out
But not forgetting about
How all my worst fears were letting out
He said "why put a new address
on the same old loneliness?'
When breathing just passes the time
Until we all just get old and die
Now talking's just a waste of breath
And living's just a waste of death
And why put a new address
On the same old loneliness?
And this is you and me
and me and you
until we have nothing left
Depression sucks.
by gymclasshero November 05, 2005
the opposite way of approaching anger, sadness and madness.
me in such ways.
by branded February 19, 2004
Ok. Here’s a brief description of the presidents from the beginning of the depression until the beginning of World War two.

So, at the beginning of the depression in October of 1929, you got Hoover in office. At first, everyone thinks its just another depression, that happen every so often. At that point, no one had any idea how bad it would be. Hoover believed in the concept of “rugged individualism” where basically, he disagreed with socialism/communism (more basically, he was conservative). So he started out with no special programs, as any president would have done (including FDR) in his position. He started out with encouragement towards business management, then when everyone started to realize it was bad, he started to move towards more drastic measures, such as his lowering of mortgage rates and the government buying crops from farmers. The only time that people realized the actual issue the nation was facing was at the end of his presidency, which is when he came up with his plan that he would have used had he been reelected. Well, he wasn’t. So, after FDR took office, he went to him and showed him his plan. FDR went and used it as if it were his own idea. His “New Deal” was an edited (edited for the worse, more towards socialism) version of the plan that Hoover had shown him. The thing is, the New Deal didn’t do much. It was somewhat successful in helping the economy, but not all that much more than that of what Hoover had done (that is if you consider that FDR could have done a lot more in office because he had been in during the depression for much longer, so you have to look at how much they did proportional to how long they were in). His New Deal was all good and fine, but if you look at the charts (trust me, I have), you see that World War Two was the major contributor to the economic recovery. You see that starting in 1942, there was a dramatic increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This was completely a result of America’s well known success at times of war. The American economy always performs better and more efficiently during times of war, as it did in WWII and took us out of The Great Depression.

Ok, so this is basically FDR's contribution: He didn’t do all that much, WWII did all everyone though that he did. All the good he did do, was because Hoover told him what to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read what took me a somewhat considerable amount of time, long enough for me to do it in Word so I wouldn’t lose it by accident if some stupid shit happened.

Well that took a long time to write, a longer amount of time than how long FDR had to think about whether or not he should take Hoover's idea.

Take a look at some of my other definitions biatch.
by Urban Dictionary January 19, 2006

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