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The best band ever.
Man Depeche Mode kicks the ass of most of this so-called music they make now.
by Hexenhammer November 02, 2009
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Awesome band with a lot of hits, and rightfully so. Their songs range from the bright, poppy sound of Just Can't Get Enough or New Life to the dark, dreary sound of Fly on the Windscreen or Black Celebration
shut up that rap and put some depeche mode on
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Also means "Hurried Fashion" or "Hurried Mode".
'Dépêche', the word in french, is commonly used to hurry. Not really used as fast.

depeche mode,

Dépêche-toi, il va pleuvoir.

Hurry up, it's going to rain.
by A-L April 19, 2006
60 25
Depeche mode are a new wave band,they started in the 80s and have been the best ever since :) The current members are Dave Gahan,Martin Goore and Andy Fletcher.They have awsome meaninful songs,so listen them u fucking idiots,how the fuck can you not know about depeche mode?! they are the best! :))
Depche mode's new album Delta machine is coming out this march,did you hear the song Heaven from it? its amazing!

Depeche mode rock!
by a fucking gurl that loves dm! February 25, 2013
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The noun "Dépêche" in French means a dispatch. Lots of French language publications have Dépêche in their title, sorta like "The XYZ City Telegram".
Depeche Mode hasn't been the same since Alan Wilder left.
by Seb Paquet May 22, 2006
40 36
1. An electronica band from the 80s.
2. An embarrassing thing to say in a restaurant.
1. "Dude, where were you last night? We were teasing out our hair."
"I teased my hair at the Depeche Mode concert."

2. "How would you like your pie?"
"Depeche Mode, please."
by T. Barr March 21, 2009
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when translated into english, depeche mode means "depressed mood." there is a band named after the phrase. listening to their monotone songs (if you can call them songs) will put anyone in a depressed mood. the band couldnt have picked a better name. a lack of ability to make decent music saddened them and lead them to make nothing but depressing songs.
man, this cancer sure puts me in a depeche mode...
by mr. bradley July 31, 2008
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