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a place in East side houstone home of the LRC x3 a hispanic gang whos colors are red and brown they will usally be found werein all red with a brown flag, there sighn is usally a astro star with 248 on the left side and LRC on the right side with a 13 in the middle.most gang members will say D-H.
LRC East side houstone D-H denver harbor
by LiL Rev. May 02, 2009
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An awsome punk/pop/alt band that just got started and released their first album, Scenic a few days ago. The band members are: Will Salazar-vocals/guitar, Aaron Rubin-bass, Ilan Rubin-drums, and Chris Lewis-Guitar. with Will and Chris out of the band Fenix TX.
"...Picture perfect wannabe
steal another symphony
cut your hair and change your name
rock n roll is dead again
picture perfect wannabe
searching fro the remedy
chorusesand keys that change
hooks that go for days and days and days
by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx October 14, 2004
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