A slur used by anti-dentites to refer to dentists. Not to be confused with "dentie", even though the two are almost the same.
Oh, it starts with a few jokes and some slurs. "Hey, denty!" Next thing you know you're saying they should have their own schools.
by the So Fine December 20, 2009
Top Definition
A person with really demented ass
Oi u no that yana chick...shes a denty
by Unknown sxc keint May 01, 2008
To have lots of dents.

Really, it's interchangeable with any adjective you wish.
"Jeeeeeeze Jackie, stop being so denty."

"Wow, look at Nelly snowboard! She's crazy denty!"

"That rimm of that fluff was sooooo denty."
by Real Oxford Dictionary December 07, 2009
A Person who is hardcore and can do anything his mind is set on. Normaly the party animal, hes willing to do anything to entertain others
"hes denty", "oooo nooo here comes denty"
by some random mint girl April 22, 2009
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